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Information for Accepted Students and Parents

Welcome to the 2018 College Preparation Program!

On this page you'll find:

  • Steps to complete your registration
  • Program enrollment forms to download and submit
  • Information about the 2018 CPP staff
  • Program announcements

CPP College Credit Courses Registration

To reserve your space in the program, you must complete the following registration steps. You MUST complete BOTH steps to successfully reserve your space in the program:

1. Complete the online CPP College Credit Courses Registration Form

This step creates your student record and account in CAESAR, Northwestern’s online registration and payment system. It takes approximately 3-4 business days to create your record/account and NetID. We will email your NetID and activation code along with instructions for submitting your non-refundable program fee deposit.

2. Using your NetID, log into CAESAR and pay your non-refundable program fee deposit.*

3. Return all required Program Enrollment Forms listed below.

* Please note the program fee is a separate cost and is not applied toward tuition or room/board charges.

Program Enrollment Forms

Accepted students are required to submit the following program enrollment and housing forms. Please download the applicable forms and return as soon as possible.

Optional Residential Forms

Parent(s)/guardian(s) must submit the applicable form below if their son/daughter will be away from campus overnight or riding in a vehicle with someone other than a parent/guardian.

Off-Campus Overnight Stay Permission Form
Automobile Permission Form

Return Forms by:

By email (preferred method):

By fax:
fax: 847-491-3660

By mail to:
The College Preparation Program
405 Church St.
Evanston, IL 60208

CPP College Credit Courses Student Handbook

Important information and policies can be found in the Student Handbook. You can also download a PDF version of the handbook below:

CPP College Credit Courses Student Handbook

CPP Get Ready Series!

Welcome to the Northwestern crash course on college life! The College Prep Get Ready Series equips students with information to help navigate the vast amount of student resources and recreation on and off campus. Discussions, panels, lectures, and experiential group activities setup by Northwestern staff and students will be available before or after class to keep students active and engaged with the Northwestern community. Students will have access to a variety of group events such as exploring cultural activities in the surrounding Chicago area, learning tips and tricks of the first year of college from current undergraduates, and weekly scheduled special topic lectures from current staff and faculty. We like to call this “the ultimate undergraduate immersion experience.” Are you ready for it?

Please refer to the calendar below for an outline of the events offered in summer 2018:

Date Event(s) Date Event(s)
Sunday, June 24 Saturday, July 14
Monday, June 25 Sunday, July 15
Tuesday, June 26 Monday, July 16
Wednesday, June 27 Tuesday, July 17
Thursday, June 28 Wednesday, July 18
Friday, June 29 Thursday, July 19
Saturday, June 30 Friday, July 20
Sunday, July 1 Saturday, July 21
Monday, July 2 Sunday, July 22
Tuesday, July 3 Monday, July 23
Wednesday, July 4 Tuesday, July 24
Thursday, July 5 Wednesday, July 25
Friday, July 6 Thursday, July 26
Saturday, July 7 Friday, July 27
Sunday, July 8 Saturday, July 28
Monday, July 9 Sunday, July 29
Tuesday, July 10 Monday, July 30
Wednesday, July 11 Tuesday, July 31
Thursday, July 12 Wednesday, August 1
Friday, July 13 Thursday, August 2
Friday, August 3