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College Prep Program

Residential Staff and CPP Community

Who are the Residential Staff?

The CPP residential staff consists of our Resident Advisors (RAs) and our experienced Resident Director (RD). The residential staff lives in the Ayers Residence Hall for the duration of the program.

Roles, Responsibility, Supervision

Please carefully read the Standards of Conduct contract, which details the policies and expectations for student conduct while participating in the College Prep Program. The Residential Staff is on campus to facilitate the CPP community and also to enforce these policies with your safety in mind.

Residential Students are permitted to explore the area unaccompanied by program staff but must inform a program staff member before doing so and must return for check-in by the designated time. Please note: this rule does not apply to absences approved by parental consent.

Importance of Community

Community is central to the College Prep experience.

For Residential Students, the RAs and RD will be there from the beginning to help you move into the dorm and adjust to life on campus. They are also there to help you understand how to balance your study time with extracurriculars, so you can get the most of your College Prep experience. 

Commuter Students are an important part of the College Prep community, as well. You will be invited to participate in College Prep extracurricular activities. Commuter students are also invited to study and spend time with peers by checking out a key to the common area of the College Prep residences.

Meet the 2017 College Prep Program Residential Staff