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Claire Burdick

  • The perfect opportunity...

    Claire Burdick

    Q: Where are you from?

    A: Carmel, Indiana

    Q: Why did you decide to attend CPP? What were you hoping to gain from a summer spent learning at Northwestern?

    A: I knew that Northwestern was a difficult school to get into, but when I visited, I fell in love with it. I wanted to spend any time I could as a Wildcat, and when I found out that there was a College Prep Program in law, I knew it was the perfect opportunity to get more time on campus.

    Q: What course (our courses) are you taking here at CPP? 

    A: The InFocus seminar Legal Interpretation and Communication.

    Q: Do you already know what you’d like to study in college? If so, what?

    A: I think I want to go into political science and psychology, or sports/performance psychology. 

    Q: How would you describe the classroom experience at CPP? How are your classes similar or different from your high school classes?

    A: My teacher was the dean of curriculum for the law school, Professor Lesley Kagan. My peers were from all over the country and world. They were all unique in background, but shared this same passion with me. This class was similar to my classes in high school because they combined lecture and discussion to learn; but was different in that I was learning from someone who was actually in the practice, not someone who went to school to teach about something. 

    Q: What was the most interesting/surprising thing you learned either about yourself or in your course?

    A: I learned that language is important, whether it be in interpretation of the law or just communication among new friends and acquaintances. 

    Q: What sort of extracurricular activities or field trips did you do during your time at CPP? Any favorite Chicago events or landmarks that you’ve experienced so far?

    A: My class went to the circuit courts to watch trials and learn about public service, and then we went to the law school. I also went shopping, which was a landmark in and of itself for me! 

    Q: What was it like living in the dorm?

    A: It was great. I did not know my roommate or anyone else in the program, so that sense of community was important to me and definitely present. The resident assistants were fantastic people — some of my favorite people — which speaks highly of Northwestern, since they’re actually students of the university. It taught me a lot about privacy, respect and tolerance of different people’s opinions and histories. 

    Q: What advice would you give students who are thinking of attending the program?

    A: I would definitely recommend going to campus and being a residential student, because all of us bonded, and living together in a dorm was a great introduction to college life for me. 


    Q: What’s your favorite thing about being a CPP student?

    A: My favorite thing was just being on campus and getting to know people that I most likely would never have met otherwise.