Program Overview:

Organization Behavior: Business Leadership

The accelerated Business Leadership program gives busy professionals the opportunity to complete their undergraduate education at Northwestern University in as little as two years. Students complete an interdisciplinary major in organization behavior with a focus on business and leadership. Students learn not only about organizations but also how to maximize performance within organizations as they develop communication, teamwork, analytical and problem-solving skills.

Program Features

A high achieving community of learners

Students who enter the program have significant work experience and take courses together in a cohort, creating a community of professionals who bring commitment and drive to their education.

Leadership focus for professional advancement

Providing a strong focus on leadership, the program emphasizes the strategies and problem-solving skills students need to move ahead in their professions.

Innovative, interactive courses

Courses in the program are based on a best-practice model for adult education. Both classroom experiences and online components stress interactive learning, teamwork and project-based curricula. Instructors function as facilitators, mentors and learning coaches, ensuring a high degree of interaction with students. View the program course structure on the program curriculum page.

Program Goals

Graduates will be able to:

  • Integrate principles of leadership and organizational behavior with other social sciences, communication studies, and the fundamentals of business for application to real-world scenarios
  • Demonstrate analytic, communication, collaborative and problem-solving leadership skills
  • Lead, communicate, and work effectively with diverse individuals and teams across organizations
  • Analyze the effects of behavior at individual, team and organizational levels within an organization
  • Demonstrate the ability to make the crucial decisions required of leaders of complex organizations
  • Use technology to enhance organizational and individual productivity
  • Leverage their strengths to become reflective, efficient and effective leaders through one-on-one leadership coaching