Organization Behavior: Business Leadership


Business Leadership program courses are offered in an accelerated cohort – in two years, students complete a prescribed schedule of courses that meet Saturday mornings and afternoons combined with instructor-facilitated online sessions and collaborative work with their classmates. In the second year, online courses are added to accelerate progress toward the degree. Students will earn three milestones during their Business Leadership program coursework.

The program curriculum for each year of the program is outlined below.

Year One

The first year of the program provides the foundation for the study of organization behavior through prerequisite courses and discussion of basic concepts, including business writing, leadership, theories of organization behavior and communication, conflict resolution, statistics, and social psychology. After completing spring quarter coursework, students will earn their first milestone in the program. During the first year, students also complete two half-credit proseminar courses, which will meet during the lunch break between the Saturday morning and afternoon classes and feature guest speakers, career development, and leadership coaching with faculty.

FALL QUARTER (10 weeks)

ENGLISH 205 Writing Seminar: Business Communication
ORG BEH 307 Leadership Principles and Practice
ORG BEH 398-A Proseminar in Business Leadership I (0.5 units)


ORG BEH 301 Organization Behavior
ORG BEH 311 Conflict Resolution


COMM ST 360 Theories of Organizational Communication
ORG BEH 398-B Proseminar in Business Leadership II (0.5 units)
STAT 202 Introduction to Statistics

Milestone 1: Foundations in Leadership and Organizations

SUMMER SESSION (5 weeks, 2 concurrent courses)

COMM ST 250 Team Leadership and Decision Making 
PSYCH 204 Social Psychology 

LATE SUMMER (5 weeks)

COMM ST 205 Theories of Persuasion

Year Two

Year two builds on the foundational courses to provide advanced study in areas such as advanced communication, the sociology of organizations, as well as introductory courses in accounting, finance, and research methods. Each quarter students take two 5-week courses and one 10-week online course. Students earn their second and third program milestones during their final year of the cohort.

EARLY FALL (September course, 4 weeks)

ORG BEH 310 Organizational Change

FALL QUARTER (10 weeks)

COMM ST 395-DL Topics in Communication Studies: Digital Media and Society (online course)
SOCIOL 226 Sociological Analysis
CIS 350 Strategic Information Systems

Milestone 2: Communication and Organizational Dynamics


ACCOUNT 201 Introduction to Financial Accounting
ENGLISH 385-DL Topics in Combined Studies: Literature and Leadership (online course)
SOCIOL 302 Sociology of Organizations


FINANCE 202 Introduction to Finance
PHIL 390 Special Topics in Philosophy: Business Ethics
ORG BEH 391-DL Topics in Management: Global Leadership (online course)

Milestone 3: Analytical Foundations and Cultural Competency


ORG BEH 395 Practicum
ORG BEH 367-DL Strategic Planning and Management (online course)
MKTG 201-DL Introduction to Marketing (online course)