Program Overview:

Leadership and Organization Behavior Program

The Leadership and Organization Behavior (LOB) program gives busy professionals the opportunity to complete their undergraduate education at a world-class institution. Students complete an interdisciplinary major in Organization Behavior, which is the study and application of knowledge about how individuals and groups act in organizations. Students learn not only about organizations, but also how to maximize performance within organizations, as they develop communication, teamwork, analytical, and problem solving skills.

Program Features

A high achieving community of learners


Students who enter the program all have significant working experience and take courses together in a cohort, creating a community of working professionals who bring commitment and drive to their college studies.


Leadership focus for professional advancement


Providing a strong focus on leadership, the program emphasizes the strategies and problem-solving skills students need to move ahead in their professions.


Predictable, year-round schedule


During the academic year, the course meetings are scheduled on alternating Saturdays for 10-week quarters, so that students may plan their schedule months in advance and take two courses per term. Intensive summer courses are scheduled on consecutive Saturdays for the duration of 4 and 5-week sessions.


Innovative, interactive courses


Each course in the program is based on a best-practice model for adult education. Both classroom experiences and online components stress interactive learning, teamwork, and project-based curricula. Instructors function as facilitators, mentors, and learning coaches, ensuring a high degree of interaction with students.


Blended learning combining classroom and online instruction


Most courses are a combination of in-class lecture, discussion, and online learning.

Program Details

Cohort Learning Model


The program capitalizes on the advantages of a two-and-a-half-year cohort learning plan, allowing the personal interaction and social bonding that occurs among classmates to create a supportive community of working professionals with similar goals. The cohort classes follow a regular, predictable schedule of Saturday morning and afternoon courses while also providing the convenience and ongoing communication of online learning. Students make use of instructor-facilitated online sessions and collaborative work with their classmates to apply what they have learned in the classroom, extend their learning, and produce meaningful work.


Blended Curriculum


The majority of the courses are an equal mix of on-campus lecture and discussion and online sessions. For example, students may be introduced to current theories of leadership in an on-campus class meeting, then work in teams to investigate the theories in greater depth, working collaboratively via real-time online sessions. Students might then report their results in the following on-campus class meeting. Since the program includes a significant online component, applicants should be comfortable in using computers and the Internet as tools of learning. View all courses and descriptions on the progam curriculum page.

Program Goals

LOB graduates are able to:

  • Integrate leadership principles and practices with organizational behavior and other social sciences, communication studies, and the fundamentals of finance and accounting, and apply that knowledge to real-world scenarios
  • Develop analytic, communication, teamwork, and problem-solving skills that will prepare them for future career growth and managerial roles
  • Utilize technology to enhance organizational and individual productivity
  • Meet competitive admissions standards for MBA and other graduate programs in various fields of study

Program Audience

This program is intended for working professionals with managerial experience or who are on a managerial track. Applicants should have five to seven years of professional work experience and should have completed one to two years of college (30-60 semester hours or 45-90 quarter hours). Students who have fewer college credits are also welcome, though they will need to take additional courses. Since the program includes a significant online component, applicants should be comfortable in using computers and the Internet as tools of learning.