Student Profile

  • Dallas FitzPatrick

    Dallas FitzPatrick

    Fresh from completing her bachelor’s degree in organization behavior in September 2014, Dallas FitzPatrick didn’t even take a breather before starting a master’s degree in human resource management. She found that “time management, focus and dedication” were the keys to successfully juggling school, a more-than-full-time job and wedding plans.

    Tell us a bit about your background.
    Prior to attending SPS, I'd worked in early-childhood care and education for 10 years. I loved it, but I was ready to use the skills I’d gained over the years in an organizational context, so I studied organization behavior.

    You were on the dean’s list. How did you balance work and school so well?
    Time management, focus and dedication! While attending school I worked 50 hours a week, in addition to planning my wedding. It wasn’t easy, but my education was important to me. Setting aside a dedicated study time each week was very effective, even though it sometimes meant missing social events.

    What attracted you to organization behavior?
    I studied organization behavior because I wanted to gain a better understanding of how individuals behave within organizations and what motivates them. I wanted to learn more about what makes effective leaders and teams. I felt the knowledge gained from studying organization behavior would apply to many settings, especially human resources. I am now working on a master's in human resource management.

    Has your SPS experience influenced what you want to do?
    As my program went along, I became more interested in courses like conflict resolution, employment law and human resource management. I also was shocked to learn that I really enjoyed finance and accounting! These courses, and the amazing professors who taught them, emboldened me to pursue not only a career in HR but also a master’s degree. My SPS experience changed my career path — and it changed me. I learned more about my leadership and communication style and about how to be a better team member. The program was challenging, but the result was remarkable growth, both professionally and personally.