Program Overview:

Radio/Television/Film Major

The major in radio/television/film offers education in the history, theory and production of media. The interdisciplinary program offers a range of perspectives on media forms from cinema to broadcast television, alternative media to emerging technologies. The major is dedicated to integrating theory and practice and creating intersections with other disciplines; it trains students to critically interpret contemporary media, envision alternative structures through theory and practice, and to reinvent the media of the future. RTVF majors are prepared for careers in media, communications, business, education, and more.

Program Goals

Graduates will be prepared to:

  • Demonstrate critical thinking, research and analysis of media forms
  • Demonstrate practical media skills and effective use of equipment and technologies
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the historical development of media forms— film, video, television, Internet, and digital text—and the parallel development of critical approaches to studying these media
  • Write persuasively and communicate effectively 

Required Courses

  • RTVF 190 Media Construction
  • RTVF 220 Analyzing Media Texts
  • RTVF 230 Understanding Media Contexts
  • RTVF 260 Foundations of Screenwriting
  • 1 technology-based RTVF course
  • 6 300-level School of Communication courses, 5 from RTVF
  • 3 electives in COMM ST (100-200-level)

Program Details

Radio/Television/Film courses in critical studies, production and writing encompass many aspects of media and cinema. RTVF students become fluent in media analysis through the study of the history of cinema and broadcast media and the social, economic and political dimensions of radio, television and film. They also acquire foundational skills in media production through hands-on training in creating, editing and producing innovative media. Courses are taught by cultural theorists and practicing media creators, who lead majors in developing and honing their technical and critical skills and social sensibility.