NU Access

Below you will find resources for accessing the various services at Northwestern, once you are a registered student.


To access CAESAR, Blackboard, and Canvas students need an active NetID and password. After initial admission to SPS, new students will receive a letter in the mail with instructions on how to self-activate their NetID. This letter will contain an activation code that will allow you to activate your NetID from any computer that has an Internet connection. This will also create your Northwestern University email inbox when activated. For more information about NetIDs, visit Northwestern University Information Technology Support, or contact 847-491-4357 to receive a temporary PIN/password.


Once admitted, students are able to obtain a WildCARD student identification card, which provides access to computer labs, library facilities and University services.

  • On-campus students can visit the WildCARD offices in Evanston and Chicago to obtain their WildCARDs.
  • Online students who are not in close proximity to the WildCARD offices may use the process below to obtain a WildCARD:

1. Upload a digital photograph of yourself (NetID required, Internet Explorer recommended)

2. Mail a notarized copy of your driver’s license, state ID or passport to:

Northwestern University
School of Professional Studies
339 E. Chicago Ave, 6th Floor
Chicago, IL 60611
attn: WildCARD

Listserv at SPS

To facilitate communication between students, faculty, and staff, email Listservs have been created for each SPS graduate program and undergraduate major. These Listservs promote open communication about events, internships, career opportunities, and other pertinent news like course offerings and scheduling changes.

To subscribe to a list, send an email from your Northwestern University email account to:, leave the subject line blank. In the body of the email type: SUBSCRIBE listname your name(example: SUBSCRIBE SPS-MSCIS John Doe).

Once you have subscribed, you will receive a Guidelines Document that includes the same instructions listed here. You will also receive a subscription confirmation from NUIT.

To post to the list, send an email (from the email address you signed up with ) to: (example: You must be subscribed to a list in order to post.

Please note that when you post or reply to the Listserv, your post/reply goes to ALL subscribers to the list, not just the author of a particular post. Please be considerate of your fellow students.

If you wish to unsubscribe from a list, send email to: with the following request:

signoff LIST NAME or unsubscribe LIST NAME (example: signoff SPS-ENVSCI)

Graduate Listserv

List Name Program
SPS-MSH Master of Science in Global Health
SPS-MSA Master of Arts in Sports Administration
SPS-MALIT Master of Arts in Literature
SPS-MALS Master of Arts in Liberal Studies
SPS-MCW Master of Arts in Creative Writing
SPS-MMI Master of Science in Medical Informatics
SPS-MPA Master of Science in Predictive Analytics
SPS-MPPA Master of Arts in Public Policy and Administration
SPS-MSIS Master of Science in Information Systems
SPS-MSRC Master of Science in Regulatory Compliance

Undergraduate Listserv

List Name Program
SPS-ANTHRO Anthropology
SPS-BIOSCI Biological Sciences
SPS-COMMSTUDIES Communication Studies
SPS-COMMSYS Communication Systems
SPS-ECON Economics
SPS-ENGLIT English (Literature)
SPS-ENGWRIT English (Writing)
SPS-ENVSCI Environmental Sciences
SPS-FPARTS Fine and Performing Arts
SPS-HIST History
SPS-INFOSYS Information Systems
SPS-LOB Leadership / Org Beh.
SPS-MATH Mathematics
SPS-ORGBEH Organization Behavior
SPS-PHIL Philosophy
SPS-POLSCI Political Science
SPS-PSYCH Psychology
SPS-RTVF Radio/TV/Film
SPS-SOC Sociology