Student Handbooks

The Student Handbook for your degree program is your guide to your SPS program of study and Northwestern University. It will provide you with information for expectations and resources as a student, and is intended to help you navigate through your program and its administrative procedures. The handbook is your reference tool for a wide range of student concerns, from course registration to completing your program. In many cases, it is the quickest path to an answer. If, after consulting the handbook, you still have questions or unresolved issues, please contact your Academic and Career Adviser.

In addition to the policies contained in the SPS Graduate Student Handbook, you are also expected to be familiar with University-enacted rules and regulations, which are found in the Northwestern University Student Handbook.

Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate Student Handbook

Graduate Programs

Graduate Student Handbook

Post-baccalaureate Programs

Post-baccalaureate Student Handbook

Certificates of Advanced Graduate Study

Advanced Graduate Study Certificate Programs Handbook