About Student Services

The Department of Student Services supports the academic and professional growth of SPS students. The Student Services team guides students through academic planning, policies, and administrative procedures, and promotes a supportive environment to foster student success. Students are encouraged to actively make use of the resources and staff available to assist them.

The advising team assists students in a variety of academic-related matters during their time at SPS, including:
  • Orientation and recommending resources to new students
  • Degree planning assistance
  • Proactive communications to keep students on track
  • Course selection (including alternative course options, capstone enrollment, and specialization routes)
  • Assessment of progress toward graduation
  • Guidance to the academic policies and procedures of the school and university
  • Assistance with other university offices and resources
  • Referring students in need to additional support
  • Recognition of outstanding student achievement
  • Assistance in career planning (e.g. self-assessment, resumes and cover letter consultation, leveraging credentials)
  • Transitioning to active members of the alumni network
  • Fostering an environment of professionalism

Academic and Career Advisers

Advising Addresses

SPS Academic Advising Inbox: For students in any SPS degree program

MSPA Advising Inbox: For students in the Predictive Analytics program

ProHealth Advising Inbox: For students in the Premedicine & Professional Health Careers Post-baccalaureate Certificate Program

Compliments or concerns can be directed to the advising manager, Sean Kavanaugh

Undergraduate and Post-baccalaureate Advisers

Erin Cable: Biological Sciences, Mathematics, Psychology, Pre-Professional Health Post-Baccalaureate Certificates

Megan Talpash: Anthropology, Art History, Communication Studies, Communication Systems, Economics, English Literature, English Writing, History, Information Systems, Leadership and Organization Behavior, Organization Behavior, Political Science, Sociology, Radio/Television/Film, all non-professional health post-baccalaureate certificates

Caitlin Baker: Students at Large

Graduate Advisers

Jigbie Aguirre: Information Design and Strategy, Medical & Health Informatics, Sports Administration

Caitlin Baker: Public Policy and Administration

Erin Cable: Global Health

Howie Kantoff: Creative Writing, Information Systems, Literature, Liberal Studies, Regulatory Compliance

Katie McInnis: Predictive Analytics (last names A–K)

Sneha Reddy: Predictive Analytics (last names L–Z)

Student Services Offices

Chicago campus:
Wieboldt Hall
339 East Chicago Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60611

Evanston campus:
405 Church Street
Evanston, Illinois 60208

Academic and Other Available Resources

The Writing Place

Free tutoring service available to SPS students on both campuses, providing assistance with writing papers. All appointments must be made online. Please see the website for hours and other details.

The Writing Place (for the Evanston or Chicago campus locations)

The Math Place

Free math tutoring service for SPS students in all math subjects, located in the Schaffner Library in Wieboldt Hall on the Chicago campus. Please see the website for hours and other details.

Chicago campus: The Math Place
Evanston campus: Mathematics Department Tutoring

Additional Tutoring Services

The following departments on the Evanston campus offer free tutoring services for undergraduate students:

For tutoring outside of the areas listed above, SPS academic advisers can work to refer students to independent tutors in certain subject areas.

Other Available Services

The following links provide information regarding other university services available to all students:

Student Groups

Student Alliance Board

The Student Alliance Board (SAB), formerly referred to as the Student Advisory Board, is a student group sponsored by the Northwestern University School of Professional Studies. This group provides networking and social engagement opportunities to promote communication and community. Most notably SAB serves as an advocate for the student body, ensuring that the voice of SPS students is heard.

For general information and membership details, please contact the Student Alliance Board at

2017 – 2018 Student Advisory Board Members:

  • Elizabeth Quinn, President:
  • Crystal Johnson-Ross, Secretary:
  • Maria Galent, Treasurer
  • Eden Porsangi, Communications Director

Northwestern University Pre-Health Professionals

As a School of Professional Studies sponsored organization, the Northwestern University Pre-Health Professionals (NUPP) group is a community dedicated to the successful admission of its members into programs that lead to careers in medical, health and veterinary practice. In addition, NUPP serves as a forum for the discussion of personal and academic experiences, as a collective resource of relevant information and as a representative for the body of non-traditional pre-health students.

For membership or general information, please send an email to

NUPP Board Members:

  • Stephen Dvorak, President
  • Ankit Jain, Vice President
  • Jimmy Mayer, Secretary
  • Eleonora Zaslavskaya, Treasurer

Physician Shadowing Program for Premed Students

Thanks to a collaboration between SPS and Northwestern Memorial Hospital (NMH), SPS students have the opportunity to shadow physicians, an integral part of the preparation needed for medical school. This program is only available to SPS undergraduate biology majors who seek to apply to medical school and students admitted to SPS Professional Health Careers post-baccalaureate certificate programs.

For more information, please contact the

Student Services Team

Administrative Staff

Margaret McCarthy
Associate Dean of Student and Alumni Services

Sean Kavanaugh
Director of Student Services

Vanessa Carpenter
Student Services Assistant

Advising Staff

Jigbie Aguirre
Academic and Career Adviser

Caitlin Baker
Academic and Career Adviser

Erin Cable
Academic and Career Adviser

Howie Kantoff
Academic and Career Adviser

Katie McInnis
Academic and Career Adviser

Sneha Reddy
Academic and Career Adviser

Megan Talpash
Academic and Career Adviser

Concerns and Complaints

While we strive to ensure a positive student experience at SPS, we realize that issues can arise in and out of the classroom. If you have a complaint or a concern, your adviser is an excellent first resource for resolution. Students also have the option of emailing the Associate Dean of Student Services to voice your concerns at

If you are in need of assistance, please let us know.

Career Resources

In addition to offering career advising, SPS Career Services works with the Northwestern University community and employers to provide opportunities and resources which promote the professional development of our students and alumni. To learn more, please visit our Career Services page.

Academic Integrity and Policies

All material submitted as part of any class exercise must be the actual work of the student whose name appears on the material. Students are cautioned against the possession of unauthorized material during any examination or quiz. A student who is found guilty of dishonesty in academic work may receive a failing grade for the course and may be dismissed from the University. Please see the website for the guide on Academic Integrity and a letter from the Provost.

Students must maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average to remain in good academic standing. Failure to meet the guidelines and return to good academic standing within the time frame specified may result in dismissal from the university.

For further information on academic policies, please refer to the Undergraduate Student Handbook or the Graduate Student Handbook.

Academic Honors

Dean's List

Congratulations to the undergraduate students who have achieved the recognition of being named to the Dean's list for their academic performance in the most recent academic quarter.

A GPA of 3.7 for the quarter is required for the Dean’s List. Students must be matriculated in a degree program and have completed two or more units at SPS during the relevant quarter. “Dean’s List” appears on transcripts for the relevant term(s).

Academic Honor Society

Northwestern University is home to the Alpha (founding) chapter of Alpha Sigma Lambda, the national honor society for continuing education students. The society honors dedicated adult students who achieve and maintain high scholastic standards while adroitly handling the responsibilities of family and career.

Students must satisfy requirements to be eligible for membership, including:

  • Nearing completion of a SPS bachelor's degree program
  • Cumulative grade point average of at least 3.70
  • Must be working toward first bachelor's degree

Induction of qualifying students into the Alpha Sigma Lambda honor society occurs at the point of graduation. For questions regarding the honor society and your eligibility, please contact your academic adviser.

Students with Disabilities

Northwestern University and AccessibleNU (ANU) are committed to providing a supportive and challenging environment for all students with disabilities who attend the University. Additionally, the University and ANU work to provide students with disabilities a learning and community environment that affords them full participation, equal access, and reasonable accommodation of their disabilities.

It is important for a student who needs assistance with regard to any disability to notify ANU and SPS promptly for assistance in obtaining appropriate services. SPS Students seeking disability accommodations should contact ANU at 847-467-5530 in Evanston or 312-503-4042 in Chicago. 

Undergraduate Financial Aid

SPS Undergrads can find financial aid information by visiting The Chicago Office of Financial Aid. Professional Development and Post-baccalaureate students (with the exception of those in the Professional Health Careers) are not eligible for financial aid. 

Satisfactory Academic Progress Requirements for Financial Aid
SPS students must demonstrate satisfactory academic progress (SAP) in three fundamental ways:

  • by maintaining a GPA of 2.0 or higher
  • by completing a specified number of courses per academic year
  • by completing their program within a specified period of time

Students are encouraged to read the full SAP policy for more information.

Office of Financial Aid
Abbott Hall, Room 629
710 North Lake Shore Drive
Chicago, Illinois 60611-3078

Student Accounts

To discuss payments, billing, refunds and holds, please contact the Student Accounts Department.

Student Accounts Department
Abbott Hall
710 North Lake Shore Drive
Chicago, Illinois 60611

Graduate Financial Aid

SPS students admitted to a master's program may be eligible for federal and state grants, student loans or SPS awards. Some employers offer tuition assistance plans; students should check with their employers before starting a program of study to see if tuition assistance is a part of their employee benefit package.

The Chicago Financial Aid Office administers the financial aid program for all graduate students. To access financial aid guidelines, forms and application deadlines, visit their website or contact them at:

Office of Financial Aid

Abbott Hall, Room 629
710 North Lake Shore Drive
Chicago, Illinois 60611-3078