Information Systems Management Certificate Program

Networking is one of the essential requirements of today’s computing world. Networks are extremely complex systems consisting of many different platforms of hardware and software. Telecommunication world is one of the fastest changing technologies in today. We are experiencing trends of technology migration such as wireline access to wireless access, time division transmission to high speed optical transmission, text based data to multimedia applications, conventional voice communication to voice traffic over packet switching networks. Knowledge of data communications fundamentals, communication protocols, network architecture, LAN/WAN, emerging networking applications, wired line/wireless networking, performance measurements, network design, system testing/verification, project management skill is required to be successful in today’s telecommunication and information technology world.

The curriculum of the professional graduate series in Information Systems Management introduces students to key information system technologies, IT strategy development, project management, and information technology management techniques that apply to the entire system life cycle. This certificate emphasizes management techniques and methodologies used to ensure the successful implementation and on‐going operations of information technology capabilities in the business. Students will learn various approaches to develop IT strategies, manage technology project implementations, and frameworks to apply to the on‐going management and operation of application and information technology portfolios. This certificate is designed for IT professionals that aspire to identify, build, and manage the on‐going operations of strategic systems. This certificate is also for business professionals whose responsibilities include oversight of IT technology for their business function. Graduates of this certificate will gain a broad understanding of the key issues and challenges of managing information technology systems and be able to apply key frameworks, models, and management methodologies to facilitate IT strategies, system implementations, and on‐going system operations.



About the Information Systems Management Certificate Program

Information Systems Management Course Schedule

From Big Data management to marketing analytics, the Information Systems Management Course Schedule page provides you with detailed information on the program's offerings.

Information Systems Management Faculty

You can find a full listing of  iinstructors for this certificate program on the Information Systems Management Faculty page.

Admission for Information Systems Management

Applicants to this certificate program must hold a graduate degree from an accredited U.S. college, university or its foreign equivalent. Three to five years of professional experience in the related field is recommended but not required. A list of admission requirements can be found on our Information Systems Management Admission page.

Information Systems Management Tuition

Tuition costs can vary for each of our programs. For the most up-to-date information on financial obligations, please visit our Information Systems Management Tuition page.

Information Systems Management Registration Information

Our Information Systems Management Registration Information page outlines important dates and deadlines as well as the process for adding and dropping courses.

Additional Information

Applicants must possess a graduate degree in order to be considered for this program.  However no prior IT experience or coursework is required.

Courses may be taken in any order.


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Information Systems Management Required Courses

To earn a certificate, students must complete the following four courses. In some cases, students who have completed equivalent coursework previously may be allowed to replace the required course with another course in the field.

Please note that courses completed in the certificate program cannot be transferred to the corresponding graduate degree.

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