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The Key

The Key - Sept/Oct 2018

The Key is the official journal of Northwestern Center for Public Safety and is free to all graduates, students, and friends of NUCPS. The Key features law enforcement and public safety-related articles authored by expert members of our community and related industries.

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Management and Leadership

officer wellness

Stress and Trauma: Strategies for Relief

By Rick Peterson.

So what is stress in the law enforcement world? ... How do you get "unstressed"? Become a "75-Percenter" and strive to achieve the goals outlined below . . ."

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Seeking Recruitment Clarity

By Victor Beecher.

Anyone engaged in filling police officer vacancies understands that the task is challenging. . . . Break free of past failures and out-of-date promotions and position your department as the one that offers the best opportunity for potential recruits . . .

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Quick Tips for Refreshing Your Recruitment Efforts.

Sidebar: Ideas for enhancing and updating your recruitment strategies and promotions.

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US Supreme Court, Summary of Relevant Decisions, 2018

During its 2017-18 session, the US Supreme Court handed down decisions packed with the potential to personally or professionally affect law enforcement officers. . . .
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Transportation Engineering and Crash Investigation

Addressing Intersection Safety Problems

By Robert K. Seyfried, PE, PTOE.

Intersection crashes account for more than 45% of all reported collisions in the US and 21% of vehicle fatalities. . . . Identification of problem intersections and selection of appropriate operational and safety measures are critical processes for improving roadway safety. . . .

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Crime Scene Investigation and Forensic Science

Nighttime and Low-Light Digital Photography

By Don Ostermeyer.

Since the conversion to digital photography, the trend has been to eliminate training for forensic photographers. Law enforcement agencies rely on point-and-shoot photography and "What you see is what you get" (WYSIWYG).This practice raises the questions of what is acceptable and what is required or necessary for identification or court purposes. . . .

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Police-Community Partnerships

Improving Interactions with the Mentally Ill, Part 1: Successful Social Worker Partnerships

By Caroline Paulison Andrew.

Police agencies are seeking better tools and strategies for handling their communities' mental-health calls . . . The ideal tools would place the mentally ill back into the hands of the medical profession -- and those are the tools that are being developed or tested in agencies today. . ..

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The Police Social Worker: A Growing Discipline

Sidebar: Learn more about the role and attributes of this growing agency position.
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Regular Features

Featured Staff Study

Development and Implementation of a Comprehensive Email Organization and Retention System

By Gretchen Dolan, Washington State Patrol, SPSC Class #422.

In order to set and communicate clear retention requirements for emails and properly and lawfully organize and maintain these records, the WSP must develop and consistently use an agency-wide email organization and retention system. . .

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Letter from the Executive Director

By David Bradford.

NUCPS is pleased to be a sponsor of the Illinois Traffic Safety Challenge. Originally known as the Northwestern Traffic Safety Institute, roadway safety has been -- and continues to be -- one of our top priorities . . .

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Book Review

Patrolling the Heart of the West. Steve Raabe (author) and SPSC alum presents this absorbing, often light-hearted, look into his experiences as a long-time rural state trooper.
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Contributors to Issue 7, Sept/Oct 2018

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