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NUCPS Faculty Profiles

NUCPS Faculty Profiles

David Bradford

Executive Director

David Bradford has served as Executive Director of NUCPS since 2011. During his tenure as executive director, he has helped to enhance NUCPS’ reputation as a leader in global law enforcement professional development and education. Under his leadership, NUCPS has delivered its programming to law enforcement and public safety professionals in 36 countries, in addition to the Evanston campus and in locations throughout the U.S.

Prior to arriving at Northwestern, Bradford served as the chief of police of the Glen Carbon, Illinois, Police Department, from 1998 through 2011. He earned his Master of Public Administration from Southern Illinois University in 1996, where he received the Leo G. Cohen Award in Urban Management.

Bradford currently chairs the Accreditation Council of the Illinois Accreditation Law Enforcement Program (ILEAP) and is the principal author of the ILEAP Accreditation Manual and Standards Development. He serves on the Advisory Council for Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White and was previously a member of the Law Enforcement Steering Committee, Southern District of Illinois, U.S. Department of Justice.

As a highly respected member of the national and international public safety communities, Bradford is an active member of several professional associations, including the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police, and the American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers. He is a former IACP Executive Board member and a past president of the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police and the Southern Illinois Police Chiefs Association. He served on the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority, from 2004 through 2011.

Bradford is also an acknowledged authority on topics within his field and has published numerous articles in such national professional publications as Police Quarterly and Public Personnel Management. Internationally, he has been a guest lecturer at the South Korean National Police Academy and Kosovo National Academy for Public Safety.

Bradford began his law enforcement career as a patrol officer in the Edwardsville, Illinois, Police Department in 1979, where he served until 1998. Bradford’s career in Edwardsville included promotion to the rank of lieutenant and to the positions of chief investigator and court liaison.

Michelle Camden

Deputy Director

Michelle Camden has been on staff at NUCPS since 2008. Originally an associate director for the management training division, she was promoted to deputy director in 2011. During her tenure with NUCPS, she developed and implemented the globalization of the NUCPS School of Police Staff & Command program, spearheading its introduction in Kosovo, as well as  the development of NUCPS’ popular online courses and programs.

Camden leads four of the Center’s divisions: Management Training, Crash Investi-gation, Police Training; and, Transportation Engineering. She teaches federal employment law, discipline, civil liability, and internal conflict in employee relations in the School of Police Staff & Command program. She has traveled internationally for NUCPS and has spoken on Community Policing in South Korea at a PTI event, which included students from Honduras and El Salvador.

Camden received her juris doctorate from Northern Illinois University and her B.A. from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She was the first female lawyer to represent officers for the Illinois Fraternal Order of Police Labor Council (IFOPLC) where her position included ensuring the rights of female officers across the state. In her current role, she has expanded teaching opportunities for females in SPSC and  other programs within NUCPS.

During her six years as in-house counsel at the IFOPLC, Camden represented police officers and civilians in a variety of litigious forums, including in Illinois trial and appellate courts, in administrative hearings before the Illinois State Labor Relations Board (ISLRB) and the Illinois Educational Labor Relations Board (IELRB), and in arbitration and grievance hearings on matters arising under collective bargaining agreements and under FLSA, ADA, FMLA, and Title VII. 

During her career, she has several articles published on discipline for off-duty conduct, public sector labor law, and Res Judicata. She also volunteers with Employer Supported Guard & Reserve, an organization that assists service members who have issues with employers when returning to civilian jobs after deployment.

Victor Beecher

Associate Director, Police Training Division

Victor Beecher joined NUCPS in March of 2016. As Director of the Police Training Division, he oversees courses in supervision, forensics, criminal investigations, instructor development, police motorcycle operator and instructor, and other specialized courses. Beecher presents lectures on several topics in the Center's School of Police Staff and Command, and Supervision of Police personnel courses as  well as in multiple NUCPS national and international programs. As the NUCPS lead to develop police training in the Central American country of Belize, he works to improve police training internationally.

During his 26-year career with the Milwaukee Police Department, he served as a captain, lieutenant of detectives, lieutenant of police, detective, and patrol officer. He retired in March of 2016 at the rank of Captain in order to join the NUCPS team. 

Beecher served the Milwaukee Police Department as a field training officer, sexual assault detective, undercover drug unit detective, tactical officer, robbery detective, and a federal task force officer. As a supervisor he led investigations and supervised detectives in the sexual assault unit, robbery unit, intelligence division, and after serving as the deputy commander of a federal drug-trafficking task force, he became shift commander of the Criminal Investigation Bureau. When Beecher was promoted to the rank of Captain he served as Director of the Milwaukee Police Department's Police Academy and Regional Training Center, and later as the commanding officer of  Milwaukee Police Department's Fourth District. In his Fourth District command, Beecher lead more than 135 officers who served the largest of seven police districts; a 28 square-mile area with more than 75,000 residents. In addition to the implementation of community-based problem solving and data-driven strategies, Beecher developed and implemented a program designed to reduce domestic violence in his district resulting in honorable mention from the International Association of Chief of Police in 2015 for Innovation in Victim Services. Beecher also developed and managed a revision of processes and procedures leading to the Fourth District's successful accreditation assessment, which occurred when the Milwaukee Police Department sought and achieved its first-ever accreditation assessment. Beecher subsequently became a certified law enforcement accreditation assessor in addition to other roles as member of his department's Critical Incident Review Board and Awards Committee. He served for two years as an appointed member of Milwaukee's Commission on Domestic Abuse and Sexual Assault.

Beecher has been an active as an independent law enforcement instructor and consultant since 2004, having worked on international teams to examine and make recommendations for the advancement of struggling law enforcement agencies including the City of Mogadishu in Somalia.

He is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee as well as many other professional programs including Northwestern University's School of Police Staff and Command (Class #255), the Drug Enforcement Administration's Drug Unit Commander's Academy, and the International Association of Chief of Police's Leadership in Police Organizations (in which he later became an instructor).

Ron Fisher

Senior Instructor

Ron Fisher is a senior instructor for NUCPS. He specializes in teaching courses in areas that include organizational behavior, ethics, project management, and leadership. He has more than 38 years of law enforcement experience, including seven years managing law enforcement development programs in the U.S. and the Middle East. He specializes in law enforcement educational management personnel administration, budgeting, cost controls, and public relations. His career with NUCPS began in 2000, when he served as an associate director and was responsible for all educational programs offered through the center.

Fisher had the unique opportunity to apply his knowledge and abilities overseas while working with the U.S. Department of Justice International Crime Investigative Training Assistance Program (ICITAP) from 2010 through 2016. He served ICITAP both as the director of law enforcement assistance efforts at the U.S. Embassy in Pristina, Kosovo, and as the program manager for the U.S. Embassy in Belgrade, Serbia. As a result, Mr. Fisher has a sharply attuned perspective on the challenges that law enforcement and rule of law institutions face in the Balkans region and has significant experience facilitating joint training efforts, task forces, and working groups among various international policing organizations.

His experience working with international police organizations draws largely on his ability to translate 36 years of domestic law enforcement experience to the needs of public safety officers in developing countries. In the past, Fisher has worked for the New Mexico Department of Public Safety, where he began his career as a patrol officer with the New Mexico State Police Division in 1973 and retired as chief of the Motor Transportation Division in 2000. During his 27 years with the department, Fisher served in a number of important roles, including as executive director of the Governor’s Organized Crime Prevention Commission, chief of the Investigations Bureau, and division commander of the Criminal Intelligence Section, Special Investigations Division.

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