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Regular Contributors

Victor Beecher, Director, Police Training, NUCPS.
A 26-year veteran of the Milwaukee PD, Beecher is a graduate of School of Police Staff and Command's Class #255. He rose through patrol and investigative ranks and retired in 2016 as a captain. In addition to his responsibilities for all police operations at District Four, Beecher implemented data-driven, community-engaged, proactive strategies to reduce crime, fear, and disorder. Beecher's recent contributions to The Key include:

Gretchen Dolan, Washington State Patrol, SPSC #422.
Dolan is a 2017 graduate of NUCPS School of Police Staff and Command’s Class #422, which met in Burien, WA. Her staff study, Development & Implementation of a Comprehensive Email Organization & Retention System, was selected for publication and published with her permission in the Sept / Oct 2018 issue.

Joseph Fitzgerald, PhD, Adjunct Instructor.
Fitzgerald is an expert in the field of organizational leadership within the context of leadership alignment and change management within law enforcement agencies. He is a sergeant with the Berwyn (IL) Police Department and is a graduate of SPSC Class #360. He received his BS in Criminal Justice from Kaplan University, his MA in Public Policy & Administration from Northwestern University, and his PhD in organizational leadership from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Fitzgerald's contributions to The Key include:

Dennis Flynn, Commerce City (CO) Police Department, SPSC #443.
Flynn is a 2018 graduate of NUCPS School of Police Staff and Command’s Class #443, which met in Golden, CO. His staff study, Should a Mental Health Consultant Be Added to Support the Crisis Negotiation Team for the Commerce City Police Department, was selected for publication and published with his permission in the Dec 2018 issue.

John Furcon, MS, MBA, Industry Consultant.
Furcon designs and implements organizational management programs for law enforcement institutions. He is the 2009 Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police President's Award Recipient and has had numerous articles published in law enforcement industry magazines. Furcon offers more than 40 years of experience consulting with law enforcement and private sector organizations on change management, organizational effectiveness, and executive development. He holds graduate degrees in management and psychology from the University of Chicago and DePaul University, respectively. His recent articles for The Key include:

Adam Hyde, Adjunct Instructor, NUCPS.
Hyde is an officer with the Lincolnshire (IL) Police Department and is a highly respected expert in traffic crash investigation and reconstruction. In addition to his regular Lincolnshire duties, Hyde is a field training offices with the Lake County (IL) Major Crash Assistance Team. He was the recipient of Lincolnshire's 2016 Officer of the Year Award. Recent articles by Adam Hyde include:

Roy Lucke, Senior Instructor (Retired), NUCPS.
Lucke retired in July 2018 after 40 years with NUCPS, where he worked in research and course development and instructed in the classroom. Prior to joining NUCPS, he was a sworn officer and earned significant traffic and crash investigation expertise. He served as his agency's liaison to several law enforcement and highway safety planning organizations. Lucke contributed to the establishment of a regional records and communication system and has been published in several professional journals. He earned his BS at Northwestern University. His articles for The Key include:

Don Ostermeyer, Adjunct Instructor.
Ostermeyer possesses 45 years of law enforcement experience, including 20 with the Orlando (FL) Police Department, and has extensive experience in criminal investigations and forensics, areas in which he is a nationally recognized expert. He was instrumental in the development of the IAI’s certification process and is a certified Senior Crime Scene Analyst and Bloodstain Pattern Analyst. He is an instructor for NUCPS forensic courses and is the director/ consultant of Doje’s Forensic Supplies, Inc. His contributions to The Key include:

Richard Peterson, Adjunct Instructor.
Peterson is a retired law enforcement professional with more than 30 years of experience. He worked in the Washington County (MN) Sheriff’s Office for 25 years, rising to senior sergeant, then served as a detective for the State of Minnesota’s Department of Commerce. He teaches “Internal Conflict within the Police Organization” and “Officer Wellness” for the NUCPS School of Police Staff and Command. Peterson served as the president of his own SPSC Class #110. Peterson's recent contributions to The Key include:

Robert K. Seyfried, PE, PTOE, Adjunct Instructor.
Seyfried is a former transportation engineering program director at NUCPS and continues to work with the center as an adjunct instructor. He is the author of multiple articles and publications on traffic and transportation engineering. His articles for The Key include:

Tamara Smith, Farmington (NM) Police Department, SPSC #420.
Smith is a 2017 graduate of NUCPS School of Police Staff and Command’s Class #420, which met in Albuquerque, NM. Her staff study, Implementation fo a Tactical Medial Training Program to Enhance the Survivability of Officers, was selected for publication and published with her permission in the Feb 2018 issue.

Caroline Paulison Andrew, MBA, Editor & Staff Writer, The Key.
Andrew is editor, staff writer, and designer for The Key and manages NUCPS' social media and alumni relations. She possesses more than 25 years of communications expertise, including significant experience in the publishing, association, education, and legal industries. She earned her MBA from Loyola University Chicago and her BA in Philosophy from Northwestern University. Among her recent articles are:

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