Undergraduate Major in Mathematics

Mathematics plays a central role in modern society. It has long been an important tool in science and engineering, and is used increasingly in varied and sophisticated ways in the social sciences, the humanities and business. With expanding applications, many areas of mathematics from pure to applied have grown tremendously. This major offers a variety of courses that address these diverse applications of mathematics.

Mathematicians value clarity and originality of argument and the capacity to resolve challenging questions that originate either in applications of math, or within mathematics itself. Above all, mathematicians esteem the ability to formulate and apply insights that open new vistas. The curriculum in the mathematics major provides a solid foundation in several core branches of mathematics, including calculus, linear algebra, and algebra, and supports the development of analytical, problem-solving, communication and research skills. Students majoring in mathematics learn about its diverse applications and acquire an understanding of both the foundations and the frontiers of the discipline.



About Mathematics

Mathematics Major Goals & Curriculum

Undergraduate Mathematics Courses

Explore Undergraduate Mathematics Courses for descriptions, locations, and schedules. Classes are held on Northwestern's Evanston or downtown Chicago campuses, and meet once weekly in the evening or on Saturdays.

Major in Mathematics Admission & Transfer Policy

Application to Northwestern University School of Professional Studies bachelor's degree programs is completed online. Once admitted, many students create a shorter path to degree completion by applying transfer credit. View detailed application instructions and transfer credit policies on the Admission & Transfer Policy page.

Mathematics Tuition & Financial Aid

The School of Professional Studies offers competitive tuition rates for undergraduate courses. The Tuition & Financial Aid page lists current per-course tuition rates in addition to financial aid and scholarship opportunities.

Registration for Mathematics Majors

Registration for courses opens 8 to 10 weeks before each quarter and is accessed CAESAR,  Northwestern's online student records system. View course registration timelines and instructions  on the Registration Information page.

Career Options for Mathematics Majors

In addition to academic and teaching opportunities, graduates with mathematics degrees work in the private and public sector in such areas as insurance, banking, finance, information technology, engineering, urban planning and policy, the aerospace industry, and consulting. For details, see the Mathematics Career Options page.

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