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All courses are designed for nonnative speakers. Language courses carry humanities credit (two course limit). 

CHINESE 111-A : Chinese I


This first course in a three-course sequence (completed by Chinese 111-B in Winter quarter and 111-C in Spring quarter) introduces the material of the first year Beginning Chinese curriculum, presenting the Pinyin system, Chinese characters and compound words, and grammar of standard modern Mandarin Chinese. This course provides a practical, learner-centered curriculum and aims to help true beginners develop their communicative competence in four basic skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing, while gaining competence in Chinese culture, making connections to their daily life, and building links among communities. This first course in the three-course sequence introduces the standard (Mandarin) Chinese phonetics system (Pinyin), Chinese writing system (simplified Chinese characters), basic grammar and simple sentence structures. Speaking, listening, character, grammar, and communicative exercises are included throughout the course. 

Note: CHINESE 111-A is available to for students to audit—credit will not be earned, but tuition is reduced. Students enrolled to audit CHINESE 111-A must meet participation and assessment requirements as outlined in the course syllabus.

Fall 2021
Start/End DatesDay(s)TimeBuildingSection
09/21/21 - 12/11/21M
6:15 – 9:15 p.m. 62
InstructorCourse LocationStatusCAESAR Course ID
Chung, Chyi
Evanston Campus
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