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Post-baccalaureate Language Programs

Language instruction with a deeper perspective.

Part-time Evening Certificates

Post-baccalaureate Language Programs

Learn Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, or French — whether you’re just starting out or seeking to advance your level of proficiency, language instruction in School of Professional Studies post-baccalaureate programs can improve your business and personal communications and support richer experiences and interactions while traveling internationally.

In addition to building your language expertise, you’ll explore social and cultural perspectives and gain an informed context for your interactions abroad. Evening courses, held primarily in Evanston, are taught by faculty from Northwestern’s foreign language departments.


Whether you want to strengthen your French proficiency for professional interactions; engage in richer, more immersive experiences abroad; or are interested​ in exploring politics, the arts, gastronomy, fashion, and literature; the French Language Certificate gives you the tools to be able to communicate in French in non-specialized settings.
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Mandarin Chinese

Mandarin Chinese is the most widely spoken variety of Chinese. It is the official language of Mainland China, Taiwan, and Singapore, and is spoken natively by approximately 900 million people, making it the language with the most native speakers worldwide. The Chinese Language Certificate offers students specializing in all professional and academic fields a valuable credential for their proficiency in Mandarin Chinese and their knowledge of Chinese cultures, expanding their horizons to the Chinese-speaking world. 
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The Spanish Language Certificate will give the you the tools to be able to communicate in Spanish in non-specialized settings. The program can meet the needs of a wide range of students:  job seekers interested in working for an international corporations; world travelers who wants richer, more immersive experiences; or those who want to be able to speak directly with family and friends.
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