2023 Osher Institutes National Conference: School of Professional Studies | Northwestern University
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2023 Osher Institutes National Conference

Keynote Speaker

2023 Osher Institutes National Conference

Eunice Lin Nichols


The Power of Cogeneration

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As life lengthened for many over the past 100 years, the traditional mixing of generations in families and communities eroded. The strength of relationships between the old and young has waned, yet research shows powerful benefits from connection, role modeling, knowledge transfer, and the honoring of history that daily interaction between the generations can achieve. How can academic organizations and lifelong learners change our trajectory from generations apart to generations together, in the process, improving lives and strengthening communities? With ideas and observations from her decades of experience at CoGenerate (formerly Encore.org), Eunice Lin Nichols will inspire participants to use their strategic positions on college and university campuses to bring older and younger changemakers together for the greater good. 

CoGenerate is a leading nonprofit bringing older and younger generations together to solve problems, bridge divides, and co-create the future. Eunice is a Next Avenue Influencer in Aging and a recipient of the James Irvine Foundation Leadership Award.

Eunice Lin Nichols
Co-CEO, CoGenerate