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Credit and Transcripts

Northwestern Full-time Undergraduates

Credit and Transcripts

Full-time Northwestern University students earn one unit of credit per course unless otherwise noted (e.g., Field Study and Study Abroad courses).

Auditing Courses

The Office of the Registrar does not formally recognize course audits by degree-seeking undergraduates.

Independent Study

Most departments offer Northwestern students the opportunity for independent study. To learn more, please contact the appropriate department.

Intensive Course Sequences

Intensive course sequences compress three quarters of academic work into the Summer Session. Each course counts as one quarter of work and carries its own tuition. Individual courses in any intensive sequence may be taken separately, subject to prerequisites. The following intensive course sequences are offered in summer 2019:

  • ARABIC 111-1,2,3 Elementary Arabic
  • ARABIC 121-1,2,3 Intermediate Arabic
  • CHEMISTRY 110-0 Quantitative Problem Solving; 131-0, 132-0 General Chemistry I & II
  • CHEM 210-1,2,3 Organic Chemistry
  • FRENCH 111-1,2,3 Elementary French
  • FRENCH 121-1,2,3 Intermediate French
  • GERMAN 101-1,2,3 Elementary German
  • ITALIAN 101-1,2,3 Elementary Italian
  • PHYSICS 130-1,2,3 College Physics
  • PHYSICS 135-1,2,3 General Physics
  • SPANISH 101-1,2,3 Elementary Spanish
  • SPANISH 121-1,2,3 Intermediate Spanish

Grade Reports and Official Transcripts

Electronic delivery of official transcripts is now available!

Northwestern University has contracted with Parchment Exchange to securely distribute official electronic transcripts in the form of a “certified” PDF. This certified PDF will automatically validate to recipients that the documents were authored and sent by Northwestern University and that the contents have not been altered.

Order a transcript online

Order a transcript by mail, fax, or in person

All students are encouraged to go online to place their transcript order. This is the easiest and most efficient way to place an order for either a traditional paper transcript or the new electronic transcript delivery.

Visit the Office of the Registrar website for information on processing time, cost and services available.

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