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Premedicine and Professional Health Programs

Prepare for medical school and advanced study in other health fields.

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Complete the courses you need to prepare for a career change to a healthcare field.

Professional health careers programs allow college graduates to complete undergraduate science courses to prepare for application to schools of medicine and related professions (dentistry, veterinary medicine, pharmacy, podiatry). Additional concentrations are offered in to prepare students for graduate programs in clinical psychology, nursing, physical therapy, physician assistant, and speech language pathology. These programs are intended for students who have a bachelor's degree but have not completed or have never taken the courses generally required for admission to these schools.

Designed for career changers, classes in these programs are primarily offered in the evening, with some labs held during weekends.

Additional programs are offered for students who have completed their core pre-health requirements and are looking for additional coursework to help prepare for graduate or professional level study.

Dennis Shea

Northwestern is a high-end research facility and I’m certain some of the more advanced concepts I learned here are going to help me fit in well at Yale. ”

Dennis Shea, Prephysician Assistant certificate program

I believe the student population here is exceptional. It’s a different learning environment, but that’s what makes it so inspirational and motivating. ”

Samuel Sung, Advanced Studies in Biology for the Health Professions

Samuel Sung
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