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OLLI at Northwestern

Beyond the Study Groups

When you join OLLI, you join a community.

Our peer learning environment offers lively discussion during and after class and an opportunity to forge new friendships. Beyond OLLI's study groups is a wide range of extracurricular activities that also provide meaningful intellectual and social engagement. Guest lecture series, book groups, social outings, holiday parties and more enrich the OLLI experience.


Academic Enrichment

OLLI Noontime Lecture Series
Held at lunchtime or the end of the day on both campuses. Past guest lecturers have included editorial cartoonist Scott Stantis, poet Ed Roberson, civic leader Andrea Zopp, polar explorer John Huston and Nobel prize-winning economist Roger Myerson.

OLLI Celebrates Theater!

Break out and enjoy your creative side. This joint campus fall semester event begins with a special presentation related to an aspect of the performing arts followed by interactive workshops led by professionals. 

Outside OLLI
Discover and experience Chicago's spectacular music offerings first hand! Enjoy free enrichment opportunities on both campuses that explore a variety of musical genres. Past events have included guest lectures, interactive workshops and attendance at dress rehearsals and performances for the Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra, Lyric Opera's Bel Canto, the Apollo Chorus's Handel's Messiah, and Too Hot to Handel: the Jazz-Gospel Messiah.


Discussion Series

OLLI Talks Books
Take part in monthly, lunchtime, book discussions held on the Evanston campus. Bring your brown bag lunch to campus and savor the exchange of ideas.

Inside OLLI
Enjoy lively discussion over refreshments as OLLI's members share their talents or unique experience. These special events, held on both campuses, have showcased OLLI's talented and eclectic members, including writers, photographers, judges and doctors.

OLLI Cafe Society
A discussion series held on the Evanston campus based upon topics and readings recommended by the Chicago Humanities Society



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