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Northwestern Full-time Undergraduates


Summer 2024 tuition and fees

*These fees do not apply for the School of Professional Studies (SPS) Graduate Programs.

Please note:  Northwestern undergraduate students need permission from the dean of their school to enroll in School of Professional Studies courses. SPS courses are indicated by a -CN or -DL after the course number (example: ACCOUNT 204-CN Sec. 28). The majority of Summer Session courses do not need dean approval. 

Northwestern Graduate School students who wish to enroll in undergraduate courses may need a permission number before registering. Permission numbers are administered by the department of the course.

Drops and Withdrawals

Summer Session is billed per class, which is different than fall, winter, and spring. This creates different policies regarding drop and withdrawal dates and how this might affect your tuition refund (see additional information in the section below). *Students must submit a drop form before the first day of class in order to receive a full tuition refund. Please visit the withdrawal calculator on the Student Finance website to check your tuition refund. BE SURE you understand the drop/withdrawal policies for summer, including how a drop could affect your financial aid.

Information can be found on the Registrar's Office website.

Information can also be found on the Student Finance website.

Information can also be found on the Financial Aid website.

Students who have registered for a course are considered enrolled for the duration and are expected to attend all sessions of the courses for which they are registered. Excessive absences do not signal a student's intent to drop or withdraw and is cause for failure in the course. The student is also responsible to pay any tuition balance remaining on their account. Do not send correspondence regarding adds, drops and withdrawals to the course instructor or to the Office of Student Accounts. Please visit the Registrar's webpage for more specific guidelines regarding Summer Session.

Contact Information: Office of the Registrar; 847-491-5235;

The following policies apply to all changes in registration:

  • You may add a course through the first five business days of the summer term. Any difference in tuition will be billed to your account.
  • Because of the various start and end dates for summer classes, the drop deadline is determined by the percentage of the course that has elapsed. Please check the Student Financial Services Withdrawal Calculator (SPS & Summer Session tab) to calculate the drop deadline for your class(es). You may drop a class without Academic Penalty through the 60% point in time of each course.
  • Failure to attend a course does not, in itself, constitute a drop or withdrawal under any circumstances and incurs a failing grade (F) on official transcripts.
  • Failure to drop a course within the time allowed is regarded as a failure and is recorded with a grade of F.
  • You may withdraw entirely from Summer Session by filling out the Cancellation/Withdrawal Form available in the Office of the Registrar. If 60% of the course has elapsed on the date of withdrawal, the course remains on your transcript with a grade of W.
  • Students who drop courses or withdraw from Summer Session may be eligible for a tuition refund, less any non-refundable fees and deposits. Please see the Refund Policy and Schedule below.
  • Financial Aid may be affected by dropping a class. Please contact the Financial Aid Office for details.

Refund Policy and Schedule

Students may be eligible to receive a full or partial tuition refund, less any non-refundable fees and deposits. Northwestern University's refund policy is based on the percentage of time (number of days in the session, including weekends and holidays) that you were enrolled as a student in your class. The Student Finance Office considers the effective date in making financial adjustments the date of the drop in CAESAR or the date the completed Change of Registration form is received at the Office of the Registrar.

Please visit the Student Finance website (SPS & Summer Session tab) to calculate any potential refund amount due.

 For further details regarding tuition and the refund policy, please contact:

Student Finance Office - Evanston Campus:
Phone: 847-491-5224

Office of Student Finance - Chicago Campus:
Phone: 312-503-8503


Earn while you learn — become an RA this summer

The Northwestern University College Preparation Program is looking for resident advisors to help guide high school students through a summer of learning and fun at Northwestern.

  • Earn salary, including room and board
  • Work with bright, motivated high school students from around the country and abroad
  • Plan exciting events and gain valuable experience
  • Enjoy Northwestern campus life and Chicago this summer!


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