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Credit and Transcripts

Visiting Students

Credit and Transcripts

Northwestern University courses are on the quarter system. A course that counts for one unit of credit at Northwestern meets at least three hours per week. For transfer to other institutions or for certification stated in credit hours, undergraduates may consider one unit of credit equivalent to four quarter hours or two and two-thirds semester hours of credit. Some classes are available for variable credit. You must determine at the time of registration that you are properly registered for the desired credit. Northwestern does not allow course auditing and Independent Study courses are not available to visiting students.

Intensive Course Sequences

Complete One Year of Curriculum in Nine Weeks

Intensive course sequences compress three quarters of academic work into one summer. Each course counts as one credit and carries its own tuition. Each sequence meets five days per week for three weeks. Individual courses in any intensive sequence may be taken separately, subject to prerequisites and department approval. Please view individual course descriptions for full details.

The Intensive course sequences listed below are being offered in Summer 2024:

Pass/No Credit (P/N) Option

Students may choose to receive a P (pass) or N (no credit) notation instead of a regular letter grade for certain courses. This option, if available, allows students to explore fields beyond their areas of specialization without concern about grade point average. Course descriptions will specify if a course may be taken P/N. Students from other colleges or universities should inquire at their home institution about whether P/N credits are transferable. Students who must receive a letter grade for tuition reimbursement from their employer should not elect the P/N option.

At Northwestern, the P/N option is a "blind registration" — the instructors do not know whether a student is taking the course P/N. Faculty assign a grade for the course and it is then converted to a P or an N, as appropriate. Students must indicate a desire to take a course P/N at the time of registration.

Transferring Credit

If you intend to transfer Summer Session credit to another college or university, check with the registrar or dean of that school regarding the amount of credit it grants for courses taken at Northwestern. Please contact the instructor of the course you are interested in to request a copy of the syllabus if needed.

Grade Reports and Official Transcripts

Grade reports are available on CAESAR one to two weeks after the final class meeting. Please visit the Office of the Registrar website for further details.

They can also be reached at:

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