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Registration Information

Visiting Students

Registration Process

The Summer Session registration period is April 13, 2020 through June 21, 2020. Classes begin June 22. See below for information regarding late registration.

Complete the online registration form

Certified Secondary Education teachers who wish to receive the reduced tuition rate should email after April 13 for an electronic copy of the Secondary Education Visiting Student Registration form. This discount is available to currently employed, full-time secondary education teachers only. Please print,complete and mail the form with payment to the address below. You must also review and agree to the change of registration policy. See New Student Checklist for next steps.

SPS Registrar
School of Professional Studies
Wieboldt Hall, Room 612
339 East Chicago Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60611-3008

Full-Time Northwestern Employees

Full-time Northwestern employees register as visiting students using the Visiting Student Registration Form (above)

Full-time Northwestern employees may qualify for a reduced tuition rate for undergraduate, professional development, and Summer Institute classes. You must submit a Tuition Benefit Application one month before registration. If this form is not filed, you will be billed for the full tuition. The Tuition Benefit Applications are available here or from Human Resources at 720 University Place, Evanston, and Abbott Hall, Room 150, Chicago. For further information, including details on benefits for spouses and dependants, please visit the Human Resources website or call 847-491-7513.

Note: Registration procedures for international visiting students are here.

Next Steps

  1. After the registration form is processed (which may take up to five business days), you will receive an email with instructions on how to login and make your non-refundable tuition deposit. If your courses are closed, you will be notified by phone or email and may choose an alternate course. Please make sure the contact information on your registration form is current and accurate.

  2. The Office of Student Finance will issue a bill for the balance due. Students will be charged a 2.75% processing fee for all credit card payments on the balance. If you have questions regarding billing and payments on your balance, please contact the Office of Student Finance, 555 Clark Street, Evanston, Illinois 60208, phone: (847) 491-5224.

  3. You are responsible for fulfilling your financial obligations to the University. Students whose University accounts are overdue must pay a late payment fee of $200 and may not be given an academic transcript until all financial obligations are paid in full. The Director of Student Finance may cancel or prevent the registration of a student whose bills are past due.

Important: Complete all steps found on the New Student Checklist for Visiting Students

Changes in Registration

Students who have registered for a course are considered to be enrolled for its duration, and are expected to attend all sessions of their registered courses. Excessive absences do not signal a student's intent to drop or withdraw, and is cause for failure in the course. The student is also responsible for any tuition balance remaining on their account. Therefore, students wishing to change their registration in any way — by adding or dropping a course — must do so through the SPS Registrar's office. Only the SPS Registrar's office may process registration changes. Do not contact the course instructor, Office of Student Finance or the Office of the Registrar on the Evanston campus regarding adds, drops and withdrawals.

SPS Registrar
School of Professional Studies
Wieboldt Hall, Room 612
339 East Chicago Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60611-3008

Phone: 312-503-6950
Fax: 312-503-4727

The following policies apply to all changes in registration:

  • Registration changes of any kind (adds, drops, or withdrawals) are only accepted by following the procedures below. Do not send correspondence regarding registration changes to the instructor or the Office of Student Finance. Only the Office of the Registrar can process registration changes. Please keep dated copies of any correspondence with the registrar.
  • You may add a course up to its second class meeting. Tuition for added courses must be paid in full at the time of the change and may be paid by check or money order, or by completing the credit card authorization on the Change of Registration Form.
  • You may drop a course up until 60% of the course has elapsed without receiving academic penalty (no W on transcript).
  • If 60% or more of the course has elapsed on the date of the drop request, the course remains on your transcript with a grade of W.
  • Failure to attend a course does not constitute a drop or withdrawal under any circumstances and incurs a failing grade (F) on official transcripts.
  • You may withdraw entirely from Summer Session by filling out the Cancellation/Withdrawal Form available in the Office of the Registrar.
  • Students who drop courses or withdraw from Summer Session may be eligible for a tuition refund, less any nonrefundable fees and deposits. Please see the Refund Policy and Schedule under the Tuition & Fees.

Late Registration

Late Registration begins June 22, 2020

For more information on enrolling late, please see our Late Registration page.

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