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How to Use SoundCloud

Soundcloud is an audio hosting platform for content creators. Content stored in SoundCloud can be shared in courses as individual tracks or playlists made playable from a simple and widely recognized music player.

When to use?

If an instructional technologist recommends the use of SoundCloud, you’ll work with them to make audio recordings. You might use SoundCloud when you want to include narration or spoken content, but don’t have any visuals to accompany them. Interviews, podcast-style recordings, and other recordings that contain content from multiple sources may also benefit from the use of SoundCloud.

Learn More

The How-To Guide: Record High Quality Audio, Vocal Booth, and other audio related guides may be helpful before you begin creating content for use in SoundCloud. SoundCloud recordings should be accompanied with accessible transcripts. For more about creating accessible media, visit the Web Accessibility section of the website.