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The NU Lightboard is an innovative breakthrough in visual demonstration technology that was invented by NU engineering faculty. By combining the utility of a classroom whiteboard, a sheet of architectural glass, and a video camera, Lightboard is a teaching tool that is familiar and easy to use. From behind the glass you can give the same visual presentation you would give in a classroom, using neon whiteboard markers, but without turning your back to the students.

When to use?

The Lightboard is perfect for explaining concepts that can be diagrammed, for deconstructing math problems, and for annotating projected graphics and mock-ups. This type of demonstration is very effective at introducing motion and continuous visual flow into tutorials, along with extemporaneous speaking.

Additional Resources

The Lightboard is part of the Self-Service Studio. A video tutorial series explains how to use the Lightboard in the Self-Service Studio and reservations can be made through the Mudd Library LibCal reservation system page.