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SPS DL Recording Studio

The Distance Learning Studio is a digital production studio and recording space located in Abbott Hall. If you determine, through consultation with your Learning Designer and Instructional Technologist, that a video, audio recording, or other multimedia would benefit your course design, they will guide you through a process to develop content for recording.

When to use?

Studio recording will be scheduled when all requisite materials are deemed satisfactory by necessary approvers as part of course development. When you are invited to record in the Distance Learning Studio, you can prepare by rehearsing your performance, doing warm-up exercises to enhance your presentation skills and prevent fatigue, styling your appearance to work within the limitations of the recording technology, and review the directions for arriving at the location to allow for adequate time and avoid complications that occur with recording outside of the optimal studio schedule.

Additional Resources

There are a large quantity of tutorials available to prepare you for recording in the Distance Learning Studio. is the most comprehensive resource, but you can also consult your instructional technologist with questions. A list of common studio preparation tutorials are provided below.

The Distance Learning Studio is located on the third floor of Abbott Hall at 710 N. Lake Shore Drive Chicago, IL 60611 near the main elevators.