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Technology: Image Carousel

The Image Carousel tool is an internally developed tool to allow image galleries to be embedded within Canvas. The tool was initially developed to work around the technological limitations of the Canvas platform and can showcase an array of images without taking up too much space on a content page.


The Image Carousel Tool and can only be accessed by an Instructional Technologist or a Learning Designer. Ask your course development team if you are interested in using this technology resource in your course.

The carousel is customizable with a number of options available, from text color to size of the image gallery itself. You can also add captions for each image in the gallery and have the option to add a source link. The tool will generate embed code that staff can copy and paste into the content page editor. The image carousel supports the following image formats: jpg, jpeg, png, and gif. The max file size is set to 64 MB.

When to use?

It is recommended to use an image carousel to display a moderate to a large amount of photos and graphics. It’s also a good alternative to showcase your slidedeck without requiring students to download a file.


Here’s an image carousel from a certification course Museum Studies 372: Learning and Museums, showcasing Dioramas: