OLLI Locations

The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute offers study group sessions on the Evanston and Chicago campuses of Northwestern University.

Chicago Office:

339 East Chicago Avenue
Wieboldt Hall, Room 412
Chicago, IL 60611

phone: 312-503-7881

email: olli@northwestern.edu

OFFICE HOURS: 8:30am–4:30pm

(Staff work remotely on Fridays)

Evanston Office:

500 Davis Center
Suite 700
Evanston, IL 60201

phone: 847-492-8204

email: olli@northwestern.edu

OFFICE HOURS: 8:30am–4:30pm

(Staff work remotely on Fridays)

OLLI Staff

Kari Fagin, Director
email: kari.fagin@northwestern.edu

Lisa D'Angelo, Administrative Assistant, Evanston
email: l-dangelo@northwestern.edu

Lory Richards, Design and Production Associate, Chicago
email: lory.richards@northwestern.edu

Matt Eckstein, Chicago Office
email: matthew.eckstein@northwestern.edu


OLLI email: olli@northwestern.edu

OLLI Help Desk: spsolli.sps.northwestern.edu


Visiting OLLI

Campus Maps

Parking Options


OLLI members can obtain a parking coupon from the OLLI office that is valid through the current term on the days that they have in-person study groups at Wieboldt Hall.

The coupon will reduce your parking fee to $9.00 at one of the following eligible parking facilities:

  • Huron Superior Parking A,  222 East Huron Street
  • Erie Ontario Parking C & D,  321 East Erie Street

The $9.00 reduced fee is valid Monday–Friday and allows time for members to park during their morning and/or afternoon study groups.

How to obtain a discount:

  1. Park in the eligible garage and obtain a parking ticket at entry.
  2. Obtain a QR code coupon from the OLLI office (room 412).
  3. Before exiting the garage, go to a garage pay station and insert your parking ticket.
  4. Scan the QR ticket at the scanner. The scanner will reduce the parking fee down to $9.00.
  5. Pay the fee with payment card or cash following the machine instructions.
  6. Collect the parking ticket back from the machine after your transaction is complete.
  7. Insert the parking ticket at the exit gate as you leave the garage with your vehicle.

Parking options include on-street parking, the City of Evanston Church St. Self-Park Garage, the City of Evanston Sherman Plaza Self-Park garage, and the 500 Davis Center Parking garage (entrance on Hinman Ave.).

Discounted parking for 500 Davis Center Parking Garage:

Enter garage on Hinman Avenue and collect the parking ticket. Request a reduced fare bar code sticker from the OLLI office and adhere to the indicated area of your ticket.

  • 4 hours = $6.00  If you exceed the 4 hours you are charged the posted rate ($12.00).
  • 8 hours = $10.00  If you exceed the 8 hours you are charged the posted rate ($14.00).

Validations are set up so that if a parker exceeds their validation time, they will be charged the regular posted rate for that duration of stay.  Validation times are exact to the minute.  There is no "grace" period.  This means that if someone has a 4 hour validation but they stay for 4 hours and 1 minute the revenue system will consider them over the validation time and they will be charged the posted rate.

Information on Evanston parking options, including rates and time limits, can be found HERE. For more information, contact the OLLI office at olli@northwestern.edu.

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