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Northwestern College Prep

College Life. College Credit. College Prep.

Discover a variety of course opportunities for high school students this summer with Northwestern University and prepare for college success.

Which option is right for you?

Get a head start on college.
Choose from a variety of Northwestern courses highlighting themes relevant today.
Receive college credit or earn a certificate from Northwestern.

Build bonds with faculty and students from around the world.
Finish the program with a clear plan for the college application process.
Attend workshops to set yourself up for success in college.

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The College Prep Experience

Read what students from last year's session have to say about their experience.


"The thing I enjoyed most from this program was the real-world application. We didn’t just learn a topic, take a quiz on it, and move on, as we usually do regularly in school."
"Everyone was so engaging and genuinely wanted to get to know one another, which I feel is sometimes hard to find; especially now that everything is done virtually."
"I appreciated how the program opens the door to high school students to participate in college classes. I liked how I was not treated differently in my class just because I was in high school."

"I enjoyed the environment and how it really helped jumpstart my head and my attitude on getting seriously ready for college."
"I learned a lot about how and what it means to be a doctor through this seminar. I don't get the chance to learn about this through my high school, so this was very valuable for me."
"I enjoyed being able to talk with other high school students that shared similar interests with me and the ability to explore a topic I wouldn't have been able to do in a high school class."
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