Costs & Aid

2022 Program Costs
Program Length Program Fee Tuition Room & Board Total Cost ***Non-Refundable Deposit
In Focus 2 Weeks $600 $2,500 $1,200 *Residential: $4,300 **Commuter:  $3,100 $1,000
2 Weeks N/A $1,850 N/A $1,850 $900
CPP Credit 3 Weeks $900 $5,023
(1 class required)
$1,600 *Residential: $7,523 **Commuter: $6,923 $1,000
CPP Credit 6 Weeks $900 $10,046
(2 classes required)
$3,100 *Residential: $14,046 **Commuter: $10,946 $1,000
CPP Credit (Online) 3-10 Weeks N/A $5,023
per class
N/A Varies: Depends on number of classes a student takes $1,000

* Residential costs include: program fee, room and board, and tuition
** Commuter cost does not include: room and board 
*** A non-refundable deposit is required three weeks after your acceptance to hold your space in the program. This deposit is applied to your total program cost.

Online SPS credit courses with "DL" designation in course number may require an additional technology fee.

Not included in program fees:
  • Transportation to and from campus
  • Textbooks if required
  • Additional expenses: shopping, off-campus snacks, personal items (bed linen, blankets, pillows, toothbrush, hygiene products, etc.)
  • Pre-arrival COVID-19 testing and vaccinations

Application Fee Waiver

Deadline: March 1, 2022

To request a waiver of the application fee, students and a parent/guardian are required to submit this form via email or mail. Your application fee will not be waived until we receive this form. Students submitting an Application Fee Waiver Form must complete their full admission application before March 1, 2022.

Your application for admission is not complete until we receive the following:
  • The Application Fee Waiver Form
  • Your supplemental application materials (official transcript)
  • Your Online Application (including personal statement and extracurricular activities list)

Approval of an application fee waiver does not constitute approval for a tuition scholarship or acceptance to the program.

Tuition Scholarship Application

Deadline: March 1, 2022

A limited number of scholarships will be given preference to domestic students who are currently in their junior year, demonstrate financial need, and hold strong academic and extracurricular achievement.

For full consideration of a tuition scholarship, you must complete the following steps:

  1. Complete the online Admission Application   
  2. Tuition Scholarship Application
  3. Provide your parent/guardian's IRS tax forms (1040 or 1040EZ)
  4. Submit a "Statement of Need" for financial assistance (Doc. or pdf format). We encourage students to submit a brief statement with further information that may be helpful to the scholarship evaluation committee. The statement should address any unusual financial circumstances. Please use a separate sheet of paper. Make sure applicant's name is on all attached documents.

Students that plan to submit a Tuition Scholarship Application would have already submitted their full Admissions Application (online application and official transcript) by March 1, 2022. Scholarship Applications received after this date will not be considered. All scholarship applicants will be notified via email of the scholarship evaluation committee’s decision approximately four weeks after the deadline. Please email your parent/guardian's IRS tax forms (1040 or 1040EZ) and Statement of Need to: 

Scholarship applicants may submit an Application Fee Waiver Form in lieu of the application fee with their application for admission. Students will be notified as soon as possible if this request is not approved. Approval for an application fee waiver does not constitute approval for a scholarship or acceptance to the program.

Other Resources for Financial Assistance
You may wish to search for other financial assistance opportunities by talking with your guidance or career counselor at your school, local PTA, civic (Rotary, Lions, Kiwanis, Alumni Associations, etc.) and religious organizations.

Check out our Fundraising Guidelines for your summer experience!
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