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IPLS 410-DL : Introduction to Graduate Studies in Literary and Cultural Analysis


This course, required of all MALIT and MALS students (but open to any interested graduate student) offers an introduction to literary and critical theory, as well as key works of literature, poetry, and film. It considers the relation between art, culture, and society as it has been conceived, problematized and reconceived over time. Centering on the nexus of questions and problems that have converged around the concept of truth and its relation to fiction, the course asks: How do works of art and cultural productions form and challenge the foundational truths of the societies in which they emerge and intervene? Students will become familiar with various critical perspectives, considering approaches based on class, race, gender and sexuality. Drawn from philosophy, literature, and cultural studies, the readings will introduce students to key thinkers including Plato, Nietzsche, Freud, Beauvoir, Fanon, Deleuze, and Rancière. The course will also prepare students for graduate work in literary and cultural studies with a focus on academic genres of writing and research methods.

Winter 2024
Start/End DatesDay(s)TimeBuildingSection
01/03/24 - 03/16/24Sync Session M
7 – 9:30 p.m. 55
InstructorCourse LocationStatusCAESAR Course ID
Doyle, Caitlyn
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