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Coronavirus Update on SPS Activities and Services

For all active students in credit-bearing programs

For the latest information on the University's response to COVID-19, visit the Northwestern COVID-19 and Campus Updates page. Students will be updated with any changes by email to their northwestern.edu address, and university-wide announcements are copied to the News page of the University COVID-19 page. Answers to common questions are available on the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Frequently Used Resources

About SPS Student Services

The Department of Student Services supports the academic and professional growth of SPS students. The Student Services team guides students through academic planning, policies, and administrative procedures, and promotes a supportive environment to foster student success. Students are encouraged to actively make use of the resources and staff available to assist them.

The advising team assists students in a variety of academic-related matters during their time at SPS, including:

  • Orientation and recommending resources to new students
  • Degree planning assistance
  • Proactive communications to keep students on track
  • Course selection (including alternative course options, capstone enrollment, and specialization routes)
  • Assessment of progress toward graduation
  • Guidance to the academic policies and procedures of the school and university
  • Assistance with other university offices and resources
  • Referring students in need to additional support
  • Recognition of outstanding student achievement
  • Assistance in career planning (e.g. self-assessment, resumes and cover letter consultation, leveraging credentials)
  • Transitioning to active members of the alumni network
  • Fostering an environment of professionalism
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