Program Courses

Please note that course schedules may be amended due to low enrollment, faculty availability, and/or other factors.

Online Sync Sessions are an integral part of the online learning experience. Additional information about learning concepts and assignments may be discussed and sync sessions offer valuable opportunities for students to interact with their faculty and peers during the term. We encourage all students to attend live, but if they are unable to, sync sessions will be recorded and posted within Canvas to allow for an asynchronous model of success as well.

MCW 461-0 : Nonfiction Writing Workshop


This class will focus on essays, memoirs, cultural criticism and journalism. Students will participate and center discussions on a variety of readings. The class will analyze objectivity and subjectivity. Students should be prepared to conduct interviews for their short assignments. They will also have one final project. The class examines modes of creative nonfiction, authorial distance, structure, aspects of style and other elements of craft.

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