Program Courses

Please note that course schedules may be amended due to low enrollment, faculty availability, and/or other factors.

Online Sync Sessions are an integral part of the online learning experience. Additional information about learning concepts and assignments may be discussed and sync sessions offer valuable opportunities for students to interact with their faculty and peers during the term. We encourage all students to attend live, but if they are unable to, sync sessions will be recorded and posted within Canvas to allow for an asynchronous model of success as well.

MCW 461-0 : Nonfiction Workshop


Find the stories you want to tell and learn how to make them strong and compelling. In this workshop, students will explore the elements of great nonfiction through reading, discussion, exercises, and the production of one publication worthy story or essay. We’ll start by reading a selection of exceptional writing across a variety of nonfiction genres, including memoir and literary journalism. We’ll read for pleasure and inspiration and study why these stories are so successful. Then, we’ll do exercises designed to help students develop their craft and take it to a new level of creativity and accomplishment. Learn about structure, characterization, voice, and how to use description and dialogue when the story you’re telling is grounded in true experience, or research and reporting. As students rework their stories through multiple drafts, they’ll receive detailed feedback from the professor designed to help them achieve their individual goals. (This course will be taught remotely on Zoom each week during the time designated.)

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