Undergraduate Major in Psychology

Psychology is the scientific study of behavior – how people perceive the world, think and act. In addition to the obvious benefits of an understanding of human behavior, the major in psychology emphasizes the development of critical thinking skills as well as practical experience in developing research ideas, analyzing data and communicating results. 

The psychology major reflects the richness of the field; courses focus on the primary areas of research and instruction—behavior and cognition, clinical, cognitive, personality and social. Core courses survey the field, statistical and research methodologies, and various sub-disciplines, while more advanced courses provide opportunities to explore specific topics in greater depth. Led by faculty who are active researchers, psychology courses at all levels combine the study of people with a focus on the analysis and interpretation of data.

A bachelor's degree in psychology is useful for students seeking or continuing careers in management, education, human resources, research and marketing. Further study at the graduate level can prepare students for a career as a clinical psychologist. All students will find that the major provides knowledge about human behavior and methods of research that are valuable in a range of professions.



About Psychology

Psychology Major Goals & Curriculum

Undergraduate Psychology Courses

Explore Undergraduate Psychology Courses for descriptions, locations, and schedules. Classes are held on Northwestern's Evanston or downtown Chicago campuses, and meet once weekly in the evening or on Saturdays.

Major in Psychology Admission & Transfer Policy

Application to Northwestern University School of Professional Studies bachelor's degree programs is completed online. Once admitted, many students create a shorter path to degree completion by applying transfer credit. View detailed application instructions and transfer credit policies on the Admission & Transfer Policy page. 

Psychology Tuition & Financial Aid

The School of Professional Studies offers competitive tuition rates for undergraduate courses. The Tuition & Financial Aid page lists current per-course tuition rates in addition to financial aid and scholarship opportunities.

Registration for Psychology Majors

Registration for courses opens 8 to 10 weeks before each quarter and is accessed CAESAR, Northwestern's online student records system. View course registration timelines and instructions on the Registration Information page.

Career Options for Psychology Majors

Psychology combines the study of people with a focus on the analysis and interpretation of data, which provides an excellent foundation for a wide range of Psychology Careers.

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