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Career Options

Social Sciences Major

Career Options

Students who study the social sciences emerge with a robust foundation of analytical, research, writing, and argumentation skills, and the ability to apply problem solving and critical thinking to current and future performance in a variety of disciplines and professional settings. They study in professional school—including law, business, medicine, education, public policy—or pursue advanced studies in liberal arts and sciences, or build on their rigorous training in research and analysis to advance in careers in technology, research, analytics, health care, education, the nonprofit sector, public administration and service, management, consulting, planning, and human resources.

A variety of career paths, typical employers, and skills sought by employers exist for social sciences disciplines, including sociology, political science, and anthropology.

The SPS Student Services team is invested in preparing adult students to apply their Northwestern education to their next step of professional success. Bachelor’s degree students are encouraged to discuss their career goals with their academic advisers, who are available to help with job search strategies, resume review, and provide program-tailored career advice.

A range of career resources are available from SPS Student Services, and undergraduate SPS students also use advising, programming, and resources from Northwestern Career Advancement (NCA), the comprehensive career services office at the Evanston campus.

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