Tuition, Financial Aid and Scholarships

Find information about undergraduate tuition costs, financial aid, scholarships and financial obligations.



Undergraduate students pay per course. Each course is equivalent to one unit unless otherwise specified in the course description.

2022–23 Academic Year

  • Tuition per unit: $2,179
  • Technology fee for online (-DL) courses: $125
  • Audit fee per unit: $1,089 (some courses may not be audited) 

Financial Aid

Some students may qualify for financial aid to assist in covering tuition. For information on and requirements for financial aid, please see below.

Office of Financial Aid
Abbott Hall, Room 629
710 North Lake Shore Drive
Chicago 60611-3078


SPS Scholarships are awarded annually in the fall term, at the start of the academic year. 

For details about scholarship applications, deadlines, policies, and eligibility, as well as external scholarship resources, please see Scholarships at Northwestern University School of Professional Studies.

Questions about scholarships can be directed to

Financial Obligation

Each student is responsible for fulfilling financial obligations to Northwestern University. If a student's account becomes overdue, a late fee must be paid. In addition, students are liable for any costs associated with the collection of unpaid bills, including but not limited to collection agency costs, court costs, and legal fees. A student’s account may also be reported to a credit bureau. The director of student accounts may cancel or prevent the registration of students whose accounts are past due. Students whose university bills are past due may not be given a diploma or transcript.

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