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Communication Studies

COMM_ST 395-DL : Topics in Communication Studies: Digital Media and Society


How has digital media transformed our sense of self and our relationships with others? In this digital literacy course, we will attempt to answer this question by studying contemporary and historical media research from a variety of fields, including social science, philosophy, media studies, and communication studies. Students will participate in group work and self reflection activities intended to help them analyze and evaluate the role that digital media plays in their lives. They will practice using different interpretive strategies and analytical tools to help them determine the social and cultural impact of digital media. We will pay special attention to the influence of digital media on conceptions of self and community, so that we may better understand how digital media affects how we work, play, learn, and communicate with one another. Each week, students will learn about a particular topic through readings, videos, mini-lectures, and podcasts. Then they will participate in online discussions and complete homework related to the topic. The course will be highly interactive, and students will work with each other and with the instructor throughout the course.

The course is conducted completely online. A technology fee will be added to tuition. This course is part of the Business Leadership year two curriculum.

Fall 2022
Start/End DatesDay(s)TimeBuildingSection
09/20/22 - 12/10/22Asynch
Asynch 20
InstructorCourse LocationStatusCAESAR Course ID
John, Amanda
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