Career Options

The Agile methodology, renowned for its effectiveness in the software development realm, has moved beyond industry boundaries and is increasingly transforming processes in diverse sectors, spanning real estate, construction, education, and government. The adoption of agile practices has the capability to streamline and improve various functions within organizations such as HR, Marketing, Finance, and beyond. This widespread integration of agile ways of working presents professionals with abundant opportunities to enhance their careers and drive positive outcomes across different fields. With its emphasis on collaboration, adaptability, and customer-centricity, Agile skills are well-suited for addressing the complex and rapidly changing demands of today's business environment.

Key Competencies

check mark icon  Agile Estimating and Planning
checkmark.png  Agile Business Analysis
risk assessment icon  Agile Risk Management
risk assessment icon  Effective Communication
stakeholder management icon  Customer Value-Driven Delivery
team icon  Team Facilitation and Coaching
evaluation icon  Agile Team Leadership


Earning Potential

Skills learned in the Agile Practices Certificate Program are valuable because they are easily transferable to any industry. Career options for those with expertise in agile ways of working include project management, Scrum Master, Agile Coach, and others. Below are average salaries for those with agile expertise.

Agile Project Management

According to PMI, traditional project managers are seeing an increased demand for Agile principles and practices across many industries. Additionally, PMI reports that “organizations that use project management to serve both internal and external clients are seeing value in Agile principles and practices to deliver projects more quickly, with less waste and cost due to misunderstood or poorly defined requirements."

Average Salaries

According to, project managers with agile expertise earn a 16% premium over general project managers:




“This course is great for anyone who wants to learn modern leadership ideas and practices to more effectively lead and coach teams.”


“This is a no fluff course and is full of real-world examples and explained from someone who has been there and done that.”


“I liked the collaborative exercises, especially the scrum simulation.”


“The instructor is a thoughtful agile trainer, engaging all of the students in the class with anecdotes from his real-world experience and deep understanding of Agile practices.”


“The Agile for Practitioners Training was helpful in providing a good foundation. I love the hands-on experience through the various exercises.”


“The combination of hands-on exercises and activities with the breadth of the instructor’s experience made this course incredibly useful.”


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