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AP Summer Institute


Our institute leaders are recognized members of the AP* teaching community who are dedicated to improving student achievement through effective support of AP* professionals.

Art History

John Nici

John Nici is an adjunct professor of art history at Queens College, and a retired teacher of advanced placement art history at Lawrence High School, in Cedarhurst, New York. At Queens College he has taught college courses over a wide range of the curriculum including medieval art, the Italian Renaissance and Baroque, Neoclassicism and Romanticism, American art, and late 19th-century art. He has specialized in art history pedagogy and has published several texts on the subject including the Barron's Guide to the AP Art History Exam, which will be published in its fourth edition in August, 2018. He has served as a consultant to the College Board on Art History and a Question Leader in the grading of the Advanced Placement exams. He has also published articles and delivered talks on a number of subjects, including Delacroix and medieval crowns. In 2017 he wrote Famous Works of Art and How They Got That Way, published by Rowman and Littlefield. In 2004 he was granted the President's Award for Excellence in Teaching by Adjunct Faculty by Queens College.

Calculus AB

Bill Roloff

Bill Roloff has been a high school mathematics teacher since 1982. From 1985 to the present, he has taught at Lake Park High School in Roselle, Illinois. He has taught AP Calculus (AB and BC) since 1993. He has been a reader for AP Calculus since 2001 and has conducted numerous summer institutes and one-day workshops. Bill is also a National Board Certified Teacher. He designs his summer institutes to meet the needs of the teachers in the course.


James Chasey

James Chasey received his BA from Purdue University, his MA from the University of Illinois, and studied in the Graduate School of Business of the University of Chicago as the Christa McAuliffe Fellow for Illinois. He has taught economics in high school from 1969 to 2002, and economics part-time in college since 1985. He has enjoyed the privilege of being a grader, and a table leader in AP* Economics. Among his favorite professional activities are presenting at numerous one-day workshops and week-long summer institutes for AP* Economics. He is married and has two children, one of whom is teaching AP* Psychology. Mr. Chasey has written numerous works specifically for use in the teaching of AP* Economics. His main interest in presenting week-long summer workshops is to specifically structure the workshop to meet the needs of the participants.

English Language and Composition (Novice)

Stephen Heller

Stephen Heller has completed 29 years of teaching, the last 19 at Adlai E. Stevenson High School in Lincolnshire, Illinois where he teaches AP* English Language and Composition and Freshman Accelerated English. A past question leader, table leader, and reader for the AP* English Language and Composition exam, Steve also served on the AP* Language and Composition Test Development Committee, and he is a contributing author for exam questions. His publications include two textbooks with Peoples Publishing: AP* English Bound, which features lesson plans for the pre-AP* classroom, and Entering the Conversation, a writing textbook geared for students in AP* English Language and AP* English Literature. Along with Jason Stacy, Steve co-authored Documenting US History, a textbook that reflected the revised critical thinking skills for the APUSH curriculum. Steve is a graduate of Northwestern University, and he worked as an instructor at NU's Center for Talent Development — focusing on accelerated language arts courses — from 1987 until 2008.  Steve has most recently been accepted as a College Board national faculty consultant for pre-AP English programs.

English Language and Composition (Adept)

Lloyd Hoshaw

Lloyd Hoshaw has taught language arts and composition in public high schools for over
20 years. His study of rhetoric began at age 10 with the careful creation of mixtapes,
honing his skills of language selection to attend to an audience, and more recently with
crafted playlists to mold his three children’s taste in music. Today, Lloyd teaches at
Millard West High School in Omaha, Nebraska, where he established the AP* English
Language & Composition course 12 years ago and created the co-taught
interdisciplinary AP* Language and AP* United States History course seven years ago.
Along with Matthew Heys, AP* US History, Lloyd co-authored a Teacher’s Guide to use
with Conversations in American Literature and America’s History, For the AP* Course
published by Bedford/St. Martin’s. Lloyd has served as a reader for the AP* English
Language and Composition exam since 2013 and as a co-presenter on topics related to
partnering AP* English Language with interdisciplinary work at NCTE ('14, '16), NCSS
('15, '17), and the AP* National Conference ('16). In addition to teaching AP* Language
and Composition, Lloyd acts as the English Department Head and teaches Literature &
Film as well as two courses in the Millard Education Academy focused on developing
future educators.

English Literature and Composition

Cathy D'Agostino

Cathy D'Agostino is a leader teacher at New Trier Township High School in Winnetka, Illinois, where she started both the AP English Language and Composition program and the co-taught interdisciplinary AP English Literature and AP European History class. She has served as a consultant for the College Board since 1988, conducting both AP English Language and Literature workshops. She has served as a Reader and a Table Leader for the AP English Literature Examination, as well as serving as Reader, Table Leader, and Assistant Chief Reader for the SAT-II Writing Exam. Her work with AP and The College Board has led her to consult with school districts in twenty-six states on developing AP English courses, improving composition instruction in all English classes, building vertical teams within English Departments, developing reading strategies in English classes, designing district-wide holistic assessments, and beginning Writing Across the Disciplines Programs in high schools. In 2004, she co-authored and designed a manual and workshop on Holistic Scoring for the College Board. In addition, she has been a regular presenter at state and national conferences since 1990.

European History

Chris Freiler

Chris Freiler has taught Advanced Placement European History at Hinsdale Central High School in Hinsdale, Illinois since 1993. Additionally, he has taught Philosophy Honors since 2003, a course he proposed and developed. He has also served since 1997 as a reader, table leader, question leader, exam leader, and assistant chief reader for the AP European History annual exam scoring. From 1998 to 2002, Chris served on the test development committee (and later as an independent consultant) for AP European History, in the process authoring three document-based questions used on the national exam. From 2006-14, Chris served on the College Board Commission that redesigned European History, the last three years as co-chair of the Curriculum Development and Assessment Committee. He has authored an AP European test preparation book, published by McGraw-Hill, entitled AP Achiever: Advanced Placement Exam Preparation Guide for European History. Chris has been a College Board consultant since 1998 and presents one-day workshops during the school year and several week-long institutes each summer.


Linda Zins-Adams 

Linda Zins-Adams teaches German and serves as the AP Curriculum Director at Archbishop Moeller High School in Cincinnati, OH. She is a certified and trained AP consultant, reader/table leader, and reviewer for College Board, and has conducted numerous state, regional, and national workshops and webinars independently for school district throughout the nation. She is also a Secondary Freelancer for Vista Higher Learning and has conducted keynotes for Louisiana (LFLTA), Montana (MALT), and Wisconsin (WAFLT). She has received the Distinguished Alumna from the University of Cincinnati, the Federal Republic of Germany Friendship Award, and the AATG/Goethe-Institut Certificate of Merit, and recently the Award for Excellence in Foreign Language Instruction Using Technology with IALLT (K-12), and is the recipient of the 2015 Outstanding German Educator Award. She was the SCOLT Teacher of the Year in 2009 and served as president for SCOLT. During her term on the SCOLT board she served as the SCOLTalk editor and Awards Chair.


Eliane Kurbegov

Eliane Kurbegov has taught all levels of French in Florida and Colorado high schools; she is currently an adjunct professor of French at Miami Dade College. She has served the College Board in multiple capacities over the course of many years: she participated in AP readings as table and question leader, served on the AP French Language test development committee, trained and mentored CB consultants. She currently conducts CB workshops and monitors the AP French Language and Culture Community website. Eliane has also recently co-authored the Barron’s Guide to the AP French Language and Culture exam as well as the textbook Thèmes published by VHL, in addition to having written many French manuals for McGraw-Hill. Eliane Kurbegov is a native speaker of French who was twice awarded the Palmes Académiques for her promotion of the French culture and language. Most importantly, Eliane has a true passion for the teaching of French and for sharing her life-long experiences with her esteemed colleagues.

Human Geography

Greg Sherwin

Greg Sherwin teaches AP Human Geography at Adlai E. Stevenson High School located in the northern suburbs of Chicago. He has served in a variety of leadership capacities at the annual AP Human Geography reading and within the AP Human Geography community. He served on the AP Human Geography Test Development Committee (2002-2006). In 2007, he co-authored the AP Human Geography Teacher’s Guide with Paul Gray and published by the College Board. He has presented topics for the College Board on AP Human Geography at conferences and workshops throughout the country and in Scotland and Australia. 

Most recently, he co-authored the 10th and 11th editions of Advanced Placement Study Guide for Human Geography: People, Place and Culture with Paul Gray (Wiley Publishing). In 2015, Sherwin received a Distinguished Teaching Award from the National Council for Geography Education (NCGE).  He also has teamed up with 30 other AP Human Geography teachers who value technology to create an app (iScore5) to prepare students for the exam. His cultural landscape field study assignment was recognized by the College Board and is available on the AP Central Website.


Tina Athanasopoulos

Tina Athanasopoulos currently teaches Advanced-Placement Psychology at John Hersey High School in Arlington Heights, Illinois. Tina received a BS in Psychology and Social Science Secondary Education from Loyola University of Chicago, a MA in School Counseling from Northeastern Illinois University, and a CAS in Education Administration from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Tina is currently on the Test Development Committee for AP Psychology, has been a table leader for the Advanced Placement Psychology Exam for the past six years and a reader for the exam for three years prior. Since 2001, she has been a consultant for the College Board. She has taught AP Psychology at the Center for Talented Development at Northwestern University for the past three summers. Tina has presented at numerous conferences including the AP National Conference regarding topics in psychology and has hosted a Chicagoland conference for Psychology teachers.

Spanish Language

Maria Vazquez 

Maria Vazquez currently teaches AP Spanish Language, Spanish IV and Arte y Cultura at Millburn High School in New Jersey. She studied in Madrid and Salamanca, and is a graduate of Seton Hall University, with degrees in Spanish Language & Literature and Secondary Education. Maria has been a College Board national consultant for over 25 years.  She has conducted over 100 AP workshops and summer institutes throughout the United States and in Europe. Maria received the Advanced Placement Recognition Award from the Middle States Regional office.  She served as Co-Chair on the AP Spanish Language Test Development Committee, and currently is the Assistant Chief Reader at the AP Reading. Former Consultant for Pearson Publications: AP Spanish Preparing for the Language Exam 2007©, Teacher’s Guide – Lesson Plans: Abriendo Paso-Lectura 2007© and 2012©; Abriendo Paso-Temas y Lecturas 2013©; Research Consultant for Abriendo Paso-Temas y Lecturas.  Co-author of El Movimiento Poblacional College Board Curriculum Module2012©


Chris True 

Chris True has been teaching AP Statistics and AP Calculus in Nebraska since 1998. He has served as an AP Statistics reader, table leader and a member of the rubric team for the past 14 years. He has presented dozens of AP Statistics Summer Institutes, College Board workshops, AP Annual Conferences, National Math and Science teacher trainings and student study sessions. He has also presented at several regional, national and international Texas Instruments conferences. He has served as the Director of Mathematics Programs for the National Math and Science Initiative. He currently teaches Calculus II and III at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where he also serves as a coach and mentor to the graduate teaching assistants who are teaching the recitation sections of Calculus I and II. In addition to teaching, he also leads a committee for the College Board called AP Insight. In this capacity, he is responsible for identifying challenge areas and creating resources for AP Statistics teachers.

US Government and Politics

Vanessa Lal Steinkamp

Vanessa Lal Steinkamp has taught AP Government as well as Political Thought and World History at Stevenson High School in Chicago for eight years. She has acted as a Reader in AP Government and Politics since 2001 and as an AP College Board consultant since 2002. In her capacity as AP consultant, she has presented seminars at Butler, Ball State, St. Louis, Eastern Michigan and the University of Wisconsin. Ms. Lal received an MA in American Government from the University of Virginia, an MSEd from Northwestern, and a BA from Tulane. She also received a Madison Fellowship for the state of Illinois in 2002.

US History

Christine Custred 

Christine Bond-Custred currently teaches Advanced Placement (AP) United States History and AP World History at Edmond Memorial High School, in Edmond OK.   She has taught AP United States History since 1998 and AP World History since 2007. She holds a Master’s degree in Education Administration and in school counseling (M.Ed.) and is a National Board Certified Teacher (NBCT).

Ms. Custred has been a College Board consultant since 2000, presenting at numerous College Board institutes including international institutes.  She has been an AP Summer Institute consultant since 2003, presenting at well over 50 summer institutes.  She co-authored the Research and Education Association (REA) test prep book for AP United States History, she wrote the AP review questions for the AP edition of the Making America textbook, she co-authored the Fast Track to a 5 for AP World History and was a contributing author of the teacher’s edition of the Ways of the World textbook.  She has developed and team taught a combination course that bridges AP U. S. History and AP English Language and has co-presented at a Southwest Regional College Board conference and will be presenting at the AP annual conference in Orlando in July, 2019.   She served as an AP mentor from 2015 to 2017, this mentoring program, designed and offered by the College Board, entailed conducting once a month webinars with new AP United States history teachers.  She has served as a reader for the AP World History exam and is currently a table leader at the AP United States History reading.

World History

Ryba Epstein 

Ryba Epstein has taught AP courses in World History, European History and English Literature. She is an AP World History workshop consultant and trainer, has conducted national “train-the-trainer” workshops, and has been a table leader and question leader for the AP World History Exam. While a member of the AP World History Development Committee, she created a sample syllabus and pacing guide as well as professional development materials. She contributed to George Mason University’s web sites “Women in World History” and “Children and Youth in World History,” and a chapter to the anthology Teaching World History in the Twenty-first Century. In addition, she writes review materials and test bank questions for both high school and college world history textbooks. Epstein’s MA and PhD are from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; she received her A.B. from UCLA.

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