Our Institute consultants are recognized members of the AP® teaching community who are dedicated to improving student achievement through effective support of AP® professionals.


Calculus AB

Karen Sleno

Karen Sleno has been spreading her love of calculus (and all math) with her students as well as teachers around the world since 1994. She received her B.S. in Mathematics Education degree from Saginaw Valley State University and her M.A. in Mathematics from Oakland University. With experience in both parochial and public high schools, she has taught at Flushing High School for the past 29 years, covering all math subjects from Algebra I through AP® Calculus AB and BC. In addition, she serves as the department chair, a role she has fulfilled for the past 25 years. In her free time (!), she is also an adjunct instructor at Mott Community College and at the Center for Talented Youth at Johns Hopkins University. Her experience with AP® Calculus AB and BC led her to be a participant at the AP reading for the past 17 years, first as a reader, later in the roles of table leader and then question leader, and most recently as an exam leader. Karen has served as a consultant (for 8 years) and as an AP Mentor for the College Board® and was part of the review team for the transition of Khan Academy to be a College Board®-approved AP® Calculus review site. Additionally, she is currently working with the Calc Medic team to construct lessons for BC Calculus. Her efforts in education and in the AP® program earned her recognition as Educator of the Year for her district in 2015 and as a Michigan Regional Teacher of the Year in 2022. 

Computer Science Principles

Andrew Kuemmel

Andy Kuemmel has been an integral part of the AP® Computer Science Principles program since its inception. In addition to being a member of the first AP® Computer Science Principles Test Development Committee, Andy taught AP® CS Principles as a Pilot Instructor and teacher at West High School in Madison, WI, and subsequently created the Madison Metropolitan School District's district-wide CSP curriculum. He has authored several College Board® documents, including a CS Principles Course Planning and Pacing Guide and a set of official Practice Exam Solution explanations. Andy has served as a reader and table leader for the CS Principles reading, authored the official solutions to a College Board® Practice Exam, and is a contributing CS Principles question writer for ETS. Andy has also worked as the College Board® CS Principles Teacher Community Moderator and a College Board® Online Mentor. Andy led several training sessions for CS Principles Pilot Instructors and Consultants, has presented at summer institutes across the country, and has presented workshops at CSTA, SIGCSE, and the AP® Annual Conference. 
In addition to teaching math and computer science at West High School, Andy is also a Faculty Associate in the School of Computer, Data & Information Sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. In 2013, Andy was on the leadership team of a consortium that included Marquette University, the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, and the Wisconsin-Dairyland Chapter of the Computer Science Teacher Association, that was awarded a three-year, $1 million National Science Foundation grant aimed at doubling the number of computer science teachers in Wisconsin high schools. 

English Language and Composition (New)

Myrte Campbell (Program 2)

Myrte Campbell is an educator who currently works as a Field Supervisor with the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Her expertise includes transforming classrooms and developing teacher capacity. She teaches and coaches in response to school, and instructional needs. Myrte is committed to supporting and empowering both veteran teachers, new teachers, and pre-service teachers.  In addition, Myrte uses the classroom as a learning lab for both students and teachers. Her goal is to change thinking in order to change practice, she provides experience-based strategies that are designed to show her colleagues that all students can learn if we design, deliver and facilitate a supportive learning environment. 

In her former role as an instructional coach, Myrte developed and designed professional development training for teachers, coaches and administrators; she lead monthly trainings, and developed and published academic documents for the Department of Curriculum & Instruction for her district. 

Myrte grew up on the island of Jamaica, but she received her B.A. at Marquette University, and an MA at Georgia State University. She is currently pursuing a PhD in Language & Literacy at Cardinal Stritch University in Milwaukee. Myrte has over twenty years of experience in education, and has taught AP courses for approximately twelve of those years, in addition to teaching AP® Language, she has taught AP® Literature and AP® U.S. History. She scores the AP® English Language exam as a table leader. In addition, Myrte has been a College Board® consultant for approximately five years, presenting for both the College Board® One Day Workshops, Pre-AP® English Workshops and Summer Institutes.  


Alfonso Correa (Program 1)

Alfonso Correa is from Brownsville, a small border city in deep South Texas. After high school, he joined the Navy and saw the world from inside a submarine. He attended the University of Texas-Brownsville and earned a Bachelor’s in English and Texas Teaching Certificate.

Since 2000, Alfonso has taught AP® English Literature, African American Studies, Latin American Studies, Mexican American Studies, Debate, and Senior Thesis at the School for the Talented and Gifted in Dallas ISD. He currently teaches AP® English Language and Composition and is an academic advisory. He coaches Speech and Journalism, serves as the Activities Coordinator (academics and extracurricular), and serves as an NHS advisor.


English Language and Composition (Experienced)

Lloyd Hoshaw

Lloyd Hoshaw has taught language arts and composition in public high schools for over 20 years, but his study of rhetoric began at age 10 when he began honing his skills of language selection through the careful creation of mixtapes designed to attend to an audience. More recently, Lloyd has deftly deployed these skills in crafted playlists designed to mold his three children’s taste in music. 
Today, Lloyd teaches at Millard West High School in Omaha, Nebraska, where he established the AP® English Language & Composition course over a decade ago. In 2013 he created a co-taught interdisciplinary AP® Language and AP® United States History course, and in 2015 he and Matthew Heys (AP® U.S. History) co-authored A Guide to Team Teaching AP® English Language and Composition and AP® United States History (Bedford/St. Martin’s), a teachers' guide to use with the textbooks Conversations in American Literature and America’s History. 
Lloyd has served as a reader for the AP® English Language and Composition exam since 2013, and has been a co-presenter on topics related to partnering AP® English Language with interdisciplinary work at NCTE (‘14, ‘16), NCSS (‘15, ‘17), and the AP® National Conference (‘16). In addition to teaching AP® Language and Composition, Lloyd acts as the English Department Head and teaches Literature & Film, as well as teaching two courses in the Millard Education Academy focused on developing future educators. 

English Literature and Composition (New)

Susan Barber (Program 1)

Susan Barber teaches AP® English Literature, Multicultural Literature, and Writers Workshop at Midtown High School in Atlanta, Georgia and serves as the College Board® Advisor for AP® Literature and on the NCTE Secondary Steering Committee. She has offered training at NCTE, GCTE, and the Folger Shakespeare Library and frequently leads ELA workshops across the country. She has been featured in the New York Times, The Washington Post, Edutopia, and is co-author of The Norton Guide to AP® Literature. Susan, however, is most proud of the work she does on a daily basis in E216 and never tires of the beauty and chaos of the classroom. 


Celine Gomez (Program 2)

My name is Celine Gomez, and I have been teaching 11th and 12th grade English since 1999 in Plano ISD. Since 2005 and this upcoming summer, I have been an AP® national grader where I have served as a table leader/ocho (section leader for table leaders) and been on the sample selection committee. For the last four summers, I have served as a distributed or on-site Question Leader.  For College Board®, other than being an endorsed consultant since 2007, I am an AP® Literature mentor (since the program began) and work with teachers from around the U.S. in a cohort to support instruction as well as help their students achieve success. Additionally, I serve as in an AP® Literature consultant role for various district trainings in the U.S. (teacher trainings, mock readings, and student study sessions), work with Applied Practice (online scoring of mock exams and teacher webinars), serve as a coach for NMSI (teacher trainings and student study sessions), and have worked with Massachusetts Insight (teacher trainings). I am so excited to be able to work with you this summer! 

English Literature and Composition (Experienced)

Nichole Wilson

Nichole Wilson teaches Advanced Placement® English Literature and English 4 at William Mason High School in Mason, Ohio, where she is also the Senior English Team Leader. She is an AP® English Literature Exam Reader, Mentor, and Consultant. She has spoken about best practices at a number of conferences, including the Advanced Placement® Annual Conference (2017, 2018, 2019), the College Board® National Forum (2013, 2015, 2017), the College Board® Midwest Regional Forum (2013), and the ISTE National Conference (2013). 

 Through the J. William Fulbright program, Ms. Wilson taught Literature, Language, and Media Studies at East Norfolk Sixth Form College in England. She has also worked as a journalist for a daily newspaper, and as a Public Relations Director and adjunct instructor at Mount Vernon Nazarene University. Nichole has an M.A. in Education and an M.S. in Curriculum and Instruction. 

European History

Ken LeSage

Ken LeSage is a certified College Board® consultant with 28 years of teaching experience at Lewis-Palmer High School. Nestled at the foot of Pikes Peak, LPHS is the only public school in the state of Colorado to be awarded the distinction of being on the AP® honor roll for four consecutive years. Ken has 23 years of experience teaching AP® European History. 
Ken has been a Reader of the European History Exam for 20 years and has served as a Table Lead for the Short Answer Questions since their implementation. He uses his extensive global travels and Professional Learning Communities to keep his content up-to-date and ensure his teaching style is accessible and relevant. Ken received his undergraduate degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder and his Master's in Education from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. 

French Language and Culture

Éliane Kurbegov

Éliane Kurbegov has taught French at secondary and higher education levels for the past 30 years and is the author of numerous French language learning titles; she is currently an adjunct professor of French at Miami Dade College. Over the course of many years, Éliane has served the College Board® in multiple capacities, participating in AP® readings as a table leader and a question leader, serving on the AP® French Language test development committee, and training and mentoring College Board® consultants. She currently conducts College Board® workshops and monitors the AP® French Language and Culture Community website. 
Éliane co-authored the Barron's Guide to the AP® French Language and Culture Exam and the textbook Thèmes, published by VHL, in addition to having written many French manuals for McGraw-Hill. She is a native speaker of French and has twice been awarded the Palmes Académiques for her promotion of the French culture and language. Most importantly, Éliane has a true passion for the teaching of French and for sharing her lifelong experiences with her esteemed colleagues. 

German Language and Culture

Angelika Becker

Angelika Becker teaches German level I, III, V, AP, and IB at Carmel High School in Indiana. She is a workshop presenter for AATG, a College Board® consultant and an AP® Reader. Her special interests include children and youth literature, using authentic materials at all levels, and differentiated instruction. In her free time, she likes to knit, listens to audio books, and takes care of her cats as well as the foster kitties she and her husband take in.  


Government and Politics - U.S.

Bryan Ashkettle

Bryan Ashkettle is currently an AP® U.S. Government and Politics teacher at Solon High School near Cleveland, Ohio. This is his 27th year in the profession, with over 20 years’ experience teaching AP® Government. Bryan has been an AP® Reader for 16 years and was hired by the College Board® to be an AP® Consultant in 2015. He has taught various one-day workshops and AP® Summer Institutes throughout the United States.  

Bryan received his PhD in Curriculum and Instruction from Kent State University in 2014. He is also an adjunct professor and consultant in Teacher Education at Ursuline College in Pepper Pike, Ohio. His research interest is self-study as a tool to better instructional practice. He lives Chagrin Falls, Ohio with his wife, Stefanie (also a teacher), and their two daughters — Frankie, 15 and Julia, 17.  

Human Geography


Greg Sherwin

Greg Sherwin has taught AP® Human Geography since its inception in 2000-2001. In addition to teaching at Stevenson High School in Chicago’s northern suburbs, he is active in the AP® Human Geography community and currently mentors new human geography teachers for the Northside Independent School District in San Antonio. Mr. Sherwin served on the AP® Human Geography Test Development Committee from 2002-2006 and has served in a variety of leadership capacities at the annual AP® Human Geography reading. 
Mr. Sherwin recently co-authored Human Geography for the AP® Course with Erin Fouberg, Alec Murphy and Paul Gray (March 2020). Previously, he teamed up with the same writers for the 10th and 11th editions of Advanced Placement® Study Guide for Human Geography: People, Place and Culture. Additionally, Mr. Sherwin has teamed up other expert AP® Human Geography teachers to create an app (iScore5) to prepare students for the AP® Human Geography Exam. In 2015 he received a Distinguished Teaching Award from the National Council for Geography Education (NCGE). His cultural landscape field study assignment was recognized by the College Board® and is available on the AP Central® Website. 



Benjamin Walters

Benjamin Walters has taught AP® Psychology for 14 years outside of Charlotte, NC.  In his first year teaching AP® Psychology, he had 28 students take the AP® exam. Currently, he has 175-200 students take the AP® Psychology exam each year. He has had the opportunity to score AP® Psychology FRQs for 7 years. He created a stand-alone AP® Psychology online course for his district that has grown and has been very successful. Since 2017 he has worked with the National Math and Science Initiative as an AP® Psychology consultant, mentor, and curriculum writer. Ben has worked as a College Board® consultant since 2020. Ben has a passion to work with students and teachers to not only increase students’ AP® exam scores but create a rich enjoyment of Psychology!  


Chris True 

Chris True has been teaching AP® Statistics and AP® Calculus in Nebraska since 1998. He has served as an AP® Statistics reader, table leader and a member of the rubric team for the past 16 years. He has presented at dozens of AP® Statistics Summer Institutes, College Board® workshops, AP® Annual Conferences, National Math and Science teacher trainings and student study sessions. He has also presented at several regional, national and international Texas Instruments conferences, and has served as the Director of Mathematics Programs for the National Math and Science Initiative.

Chris currently teaches Calculus II and III at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where he also serves as a coach and mentor to the graduate teaching assistants who are teaching the recitation sections of Calculus I and II. In addition to his work at UNL, Chris leads the College Board® AP® Insight committee, a group tasked with identifying challenge areas and creating resources for AP® Statistics teachers.


United States History

Christine Bond-Custred (Program 1) 

Christine Bond-Custred currently teaches Advanced Placement (AP)® United States History and AP® World History at Edmond Memorial High School in Edmond, OK. She has taught AP® U.S. History since 1998 and AP® World History since 2007 and has developed and team-taught a combination course that bridged AP® U.S. History and AP® English Language. Ms. Custred has been a College Board® consultant since 2000, presenting at numerous domestic and international College Board® institutes and conferences including the Southwest Regional College Board® conference and the AP® annual conference in Orlando in July 2019.  

Ms. Custred became an AP® Summer Institute consultant in 2003 and has presented at well over 50 summer institutes since that time. She has previously served as a reader for the AP® World History exam,and is currently a table leader at the AP® U.S. History reading and serving her third and final year as a member of the consultant advisory panel for the College Board®. In addition, Ms. Custred served as an AP® mentor from 2015-2017 in a mentoring program designed and offered by the College Board®, during which she conducted monthly webinars with new AP® U.S. History teachers.  

Ms. Custred's publishing credits include the Research and Education Association (REA) test prep book for AP® United States History (co-author), Fast Track to a 5 for AP® World History (co-author), writing the AP® review questions for the AP® edition of the Making America textbook, and the teacher's edition of the Ways of the World textbook (contributing author). She holds a Master's degree in Education Administration and School Counseling (M.Ed.) and is a National Board Certified Teacher (NBCT). 

World History: Modern

Branden Schield

Branden received his BA from Carleton College with an emphasis in Asian history and went on to earn an MA from the University of New Mexico. He has lived and taught in both India and the Navajo Nation, and currently teaches AP® World History, AP® Comparative Government, Pacific/Indian Ocean World, and Comparative Culture and Religion at Irondale High School in the Mounds View School District in Minnesota. Branden participated in the AP® World History Summer Institute at its inception in 2001-2002 and has taught summer institutes since 2003. He is a College Board® certified consultant and reader for the AP® exam and helped with the late stages of the redesign of the latest Minnesota World History standards. Recently he has been spending time in Indonesia, exploring the long-term effects of the Indian Ocean Trade. 


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