Career Options

Project managers can work in nearly any industry, from real estate to construction, education, and government. Whether you are running a small business or organizing large events, effective project management is crucial to success. Project management skills are highly sought after by employers and leaders, and the skills you gain from project management training can help you do your job better or pivot into a new position.


“Project management is both a role and a skillset – I view it as a core competency for every professional.”

— Lisa-Ann Barnes, Industry Expert and Faculty Advisor


Key Competencies

check mark icon  Budgeting and Planning
checkmark.png  Business Analysis
risk assessment icon  Risk Assessment
risk assessment icon  Effective Communication
stakeholder management icon  Stakeholder Management
team icon  Developing Your Team
evaluation icon  Evaluation
evaluation icon  Issue Resolution


Project Management Potential



“Each Instructor was incredible and the courses were easy to follow and learn.”


"I thought that gaining project management skills would be useful to have even if I didn't pursue a career in project management or project manager roles. I learned a great deal about leading teams, managing risk, and the basics of managing projects."


"The [Essentials] program allowed me agency in selecting a few elective courses. This allowed me to ‘customize’ the program to best fit my needs and interests.” 


“I enjoyed the class and the team interaction. I am a project manager, and learning to navigate with a team to get tasks and projects done is so crucial. I felt the program was well rounded, challenging, and fun.”

“The certificate program is very valuable and relevant to the work that I do so I immediately began to incorporate what I learned.”
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