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Advanced Graduate Study


Resources for New and Current Advanced Graduate Study Students

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Curriculum Requirements

Access archived curricula here.

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Academic Policies and Procedures

All SPS students are subject to University-enacted rules and regulations, which are found in the Northwestern University Student Handbook. Students are expected to be familiar with all policies in that Student Handbook.

In addition, the rules and regulations of student conduct specific to SPS students are found on the SPS Rules and Regulations of Student Conduct page of the SPS Academic Catalog. The SPS Academic Catalog also details Academic Policies and Procedures for SPS students, including Leaves of Absence, General Registration Policies, and Satisfactory Academic Progress in your program of study.

If you still have questions or unresolved issues after consulting the SPS Academic Catalog please contact your Academic and Career Adviser.


Technical Requirements for Online Students

Graduate students enrolled in Distance Learning programs should refer to the following page for the system requirements and technical information related to their academic program.

WildCARD: Northwestern Student ID

Once admitted, students are able to obtain a WildCARD student identification card, which provides access to computer labs, library facilities and University services.

  • On-campus students can visit the WildCARD offices in Evanston and Chicago to obtain a WildCARD.
  • Online students who are not in close proximity to the WildCARD offices may use the process below to obtain a WildCARD:

1. Upload a digital photograph of yourself (NetID required, Internet Explorer recommended)

2. Mail a notarized copy of your driver’s license, state ID or passport to:

Northwestern University
School of Professional Studies
339 E. Chicago Ave, 6th Floor
Chicago, IL 60611
attn: WildCARD

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