Contact Academic Advising

Advising Email Addresses

Students in any SPS program can contact the SPS Academic Advising Inbox to connect with an academic adviser that can help.

Each academic program also has a dedicated inbox to reach the academic advisers for your program directly.

Compliments or concerns can be directed to the advising manager, Sean Kavanaugh


Academic Advisers

Undergraduate and Post-baccalaureate Advisers

Colleen Kjellberg: Biological Sciences, Mathematics, Psychology, Pre-Professional Health Post-baccalaureate Certificates

Lauren Sirota: Anthropology, Communication Studies, Communication Systems, Economics, English Literature, English Writing, History, Humanities, Information Systems, Leadership and Organization Behavior, Organization Behavior, Political Science, Social Sciences, Sociology, Radio/Television/Film, all non-professional health post-baccalaureate certificates

Advising Team: Students-at-Large

Graduate Advisers

Amanda John: Information Systems, Information Design and Strategy,  Regulatory Compliance, Health Analytics, Health Informatics

Lauren Sirota: Literature, Liberal Studies, Prose & Poetry, Writing

Jacob Schornak: Data Science (last names N-Z), Data Science Certificates, & Sports Administration

Colleen Kjellberg: Global Health

Megan Talpash: Public Policy and Administration program (part-time and accelerated)

Tim Gaherty: Data Science (last names A–M)


Student Services Team

Administrative Staff

Margaret McCarthy
Associate Dean of Student and Alumni Services

Sean Kavanaugh
Director of Student Services

Jigbie Aguirre
Assistant Director of Events and Alumni Engagement

Vanessa Carpenter
Student Services Assistant

Student Services Offices

Chicago campus:
Wieboldt Hall
339 East Chicago Avenue, 8th floor
Chicago, Illinois 60611

Evanston campus:
405 Church Street
Evanston, Illinois 60208

Concerns and Complaints

While we strive to ensure a positive student experience at SPS, we realize that issues can arise in and out of the classroom. If you have a complaint or a concern, your adviser is an excellent first resource for resolution. Students also have the option of emailing the Associate Dean of Student Services to voice your concerns at

If you are in need of assistance, please let us know.


Northwestern University and AccessibleNU (ANU) are committed to providing a supportive and challenging environment for all students with disabilities who attend the University. Additionally, the University and ANU work to provide students with disabilities a learning and community environment that affords them full participation, equal access, and reasonable accommodation of their disabilities.

It is important for a student who needs assistance with regard to any disability to notify ANU and SPS promptly for assistance in obtaining appropriate services. SPS Students seeking disability accommodations should contact ANU at 847-467-5530 in Evanston or 312-503-4042 in Chicago. 
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