Graduate Certificate in Health Informatics

The field of health informatics explores the intersection of information technology and health care to improve access to safe, quality health care services, maximize operational efficiency, and reduce costs. Students learn from experts in clinical, administrative, regulatory, and technology components of health informatics who have been instrumental in driving innovative solutions and establishing national health care informatics standards. Students enrolled in Graduate Certificate in Health Informatics build knowledge in both health care and information technology to learn about the field of health informatics with the possibility of applying the courses toward a Master of Science degree in Health Informatics.





Complete this four-course certificate and apply your credit to the MS in Health Informatics program at SPS.


About the Graduate Certificate in Health Informatics

Graduate Certificate in Health Informatics Learning Outcomes

After successful completion of the  Health Informatics certificate, students will be able to:

  • Master the fundamentals of health informatics.
  • Analyze the components that structure health care systems and the policy, economic, and social drivers of health that shape health care.
  • Discuss evolving issues in health care systems, including health equity, public health, quality of care, patient safety, interoperability, emerging technologies, payment mechanisms, and consumerism.
  • Understand the intersection of compelling legal, ethical, and social facets that impact health informatics.

Health Informatics Curriculum

Students are required to complete the following four courses to earn the certificate:

  • MHI 401 American Health Care System
  • MHI 403 Fundamentals of Health Informatics
  • MHI 407 Legal, Ethical, and Social Issues
  • One of the following: 
    • MHI 402 Introduction to Clinical Thinking
    • MHI 404 Health Care Operations
    • MHI 405 Standards and Interoperability
    • MHI 406 Decision Support Systems and Health Care
    • MHI 408 Information System Acquisition & Lifecycle
    • MHI 413 Consumer Digest Health

Review curriculum details while you consider applying to this program. Current students should refer to the curriculum requirements in place at time of entry into the program.

Health Informatics Courses

Explore Health Informatics courses. You can narrow your course search by day, location or instructor.

Health Informatics Admission

A variety of factors are considered when your application is reviewed. Background and experience vary from student to student. For a complete list of requirements, see the Graduate Certificate Admission page.

Health Informatics Tuition

Tuition for the Graduate Certificate in Health Informatics program at Northwestern is comparable to similar U.S. programs. Complete details can be found on the Health Informatics Certificate Tuition page.

Registration Information for Health Informatics

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Health Informatics Faculty

Instructors in the Graduate Certificate in Health Informatics program at Northwestern are leading scholars and practitioners in their field. They bring real-world experiences to the classroom and engage with students on a personal level. Get to know the instructors on our Health Informatics Faculty page.

Applying Credit to Master's Degree Programs

Students that elect to apply to a master's program before completing a graduate certificate will be able to count a maximum of two courses completed in the certificate toward their associated master's degree, but there will be no certificate conferred.

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