Graduate Certificate in Literature

Through advanced literary study, students grapple with the thought and creative vision of the world’s most remarkable minds: rediscover and master classic texts while exploring exciting, contemporary works, diverse genres, and cutting-edge ideas in narrative form and interpretation. This broad and stimulating intellectual challenge improves the ability to analyze complex information, challenge assumptions, weigh competing considerations and reach effective conclusions.




Ali Syverson

Complete this four-course certificate and apply your credit to Northwestern’s Master of Arts In Literature program. See below for details about applying credit.


Build Skills for Career Success in Literature

Certificate graduates benefit from an interdisciplinary curriculum that:

  • Exposes students to Northwestern University's distinguished and world class instructors.
  • Engages students in advanced literary study, which improves critical assessment and problem solving skills which translate to work, personal, and intellectual life.
  • Sharpens analytical and writing abilities, which can help prepare students for application to PhD programs. 

Graduate Certificate in Literature Curriculum

Students are required to complete the following four courses to earn the certificate: 

  • LIT 401 Introduction to Graduate Studies
  • Any three electives offered through the MALIT program.


Review curriculum details while you consider applying to this program. Current students should refer to the curriculum requirements in place at time of entry into the program.


Applying Credit to the Master of Arts in Literature Program

Students that are interested in the option of applying their credit to Northwestern's Master of Arts in Literature program must submit an online application and submit all required application materials.

Students that elect to apply to a master's program before completing a graduate certificate will be able to count completed courses toward the applicable master's degree, but there will be no certificate conferred.

If you are interested in exploring this option, please contact the SPS graduate advising team for information on how to pursue a master's degree at SPS.

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