The MSGH Student Leadership Council

The Master of Science in Global Health (MSGH) Student Leadership Council (SLC) aims to promote a sense of community and collaboration among students in the MSGH program, while also providing opportunities to connect with alumni and renowned professionals in the field. The SLC provides a breadth of opportunities for students to participate in industry discussions, networking events, and gain valuable insights into the latest advancements in global health, including the latest research, policies, and innovations. Engaging with the Student Leadership Council is an excellent way to enhance your educational experience and develop valuable skills and connections that will benefit you throughout your career.

Mission Statement

The Northwestern University MSGH Student Leadership Council (SLC) is dedicated to supporting and connecting with prospective students, current students, and alumni in the Master of Science in Global Health program. The SLC aims to inspire and support the next generation of global health leaders by promoting knowledge and raising awareness of both the global health field and the MSGH graduate program at Northwestern University.

Vision Statement

Students and alumni of Northwestern’s MSGH Student Leadership Council will feel a sense of comradery with their colleagues and gain a deeper understanding of the global health field in practice.

Core Values

Community and Leadership

We believe in fostering a sense of community and leadership within the MSGH program. By providing opportunities for students to collaborate and support one another, we can enhance the overall educational experience and develop the next generation of global health leaders.

Diversity and Inclusion

We are committed to promoting diversity and inclusion within our community and field. We believe that embracing diversity in all its forms is essential to creating a dynamic and inclusive environment where everyone can thrive.

Collaboration and Partnerships

We recognize that the challenges facing global health require collaboration and partnerships between stakeholders. We aim to facilitate these partnerships by providing opportunities for students to engage with alumni and distinguished professionals in the field.

Global Mindset

We believe that a global mindset is essential to understanding and addressing the complex issues facing global health. We encourage students to think critically and engage in dialogue with individuals from diverse backgrounds and perspectives to broaden their understanding of the field.

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If you're passionate about connecting with and contributing to the MSGH community, we encourage you to express your interest in the council via the contact form at the bottom of the page. Should positions be available, we will promptly email you with details on how to get involved. In the event that no positions are currently open, we will gladly add you to our waitlist and reach out as opportunities arise.

2022–2023 MSGH Student Leadership Council Members


Ellie Tjelmeland

Ellie TjelmelandEllie Tjelmeland, an MSGH alumna, possesses a deep-seated passion for promoting health equity and narrowing healthcare disparities. She is actively engaged in improving accessibility to healthcare and services for patients with disabilities, with a specific focus on those who are deaf and/or have hearing loss. Ellie's aspirations include advancing her education and pursuing a career in clinical research. Beyond her professional pursuits, she finds joy in mentoring college students, volunteering in communities that are underserved, and staying active as a former collegiate cross country and track and field athlete. Ellie is driven by a strong sense of commitment towards improving the health and well-being of individuals and communities through both her professional pursuits and volunteer endeavors.


Mallory Siddiqui

Mallory SiddiquiMallory is an MSGH candidate who spent her formative years developing a passion for healthcare and service. Her passions include supporting the well-being of children in healthcare, education, and policy development and education-based program development and implementation in high-needs communities globally. Mallory is currently working as a science teacher in an urban high school where she regularly interacts and councils adolescents and their families, develops, trains, and leads program implementation for special student populations, and advocates for student and family needs to administration and district leadership. Mallory enjoys traveling, spending time outside playing with her dog, reading, and going to Disneyland with friends.



Giselle Striedinger

Giselle StriedingerGiselle Striedinger is an MSGH candidate who currently resides in Chicago. Growing up in a Hispanic household, Giselle has always had a passion for giving back to this community. This inspired her main global health interest, educating adolescents in the Hispanic populations on their health. Giselle is also passionate about pediatric and child health, as well as healthcare equity in developing regions. She looks forward to working with this community and getting hands-on experience during her practicum experience in La Paz, Bolivia. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, exercising, hanging out with friends and family, and finding new restaurants around Chicago. Once graduating from the MSGH program, Giselle also plans on attending medical school.



Rose Kargbo

Rose KargboRose Kargbo, an MSGH alumna, is a compassionate and devoted healthcare advocate who seeks to eliminate disparities in healthcare, raise awareness of mind-body health, and enhance the quality of life for people worldwide. Rose, a nurse with 14 years of experience and a bachelor's degree in psychology, graduated from the MSGH program in the spring of 2023. Her primary areas of interest are mental health and its impact on physical health and quality of life. In her spare time, Rose enjoys cooking, traveling, volunteering, reading, meditating, and bringing people together. She believes that diversity, equity, and inclusion should be at the center of every society if we are to eliminate disparities within systems.



Angie Beyer

Photo of Angie BeyerAngie is a current MSGH candidate and 22-year pharma professional with a passion for increasing access to care for underserved communities. She is a rare disease patient and patient advocate with extensive experience in drug development, manufacturing, project and portfolio management, commercial development, and marketing. She has a passion for innovation and a commitment to service. Angie believes every patient deserves equitable access to care and has dedicated her career to bringing the patient's voice to the forefront. Angie is an avid hiker, nature enthusiast, birder, and photographer. She can often be found on the trails with her husband and dog.



Shanille Allo

Shanille AlloShanille Allo is a 2022 alumna of Northwestern’s MSGH program. Currently, she works as a healthcare IT consultant in the digital health industry. During Shanille's undergraduate studies, she studied neuroscience biology, with a minor in biomedical engineering. She then examined the intersectionality of reproductive and mental health in African women while in the MSGH program. Shanille is focused on addressing various prevalent health issues in both low-middle-income and high-income countries. She aims to provide solutions that can alleviate the health burdens these countries face, regardless of their economic status.


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