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MSA 490-0 : Special Topics in Sports Administration


Summer 2021: Athlete Representation

Athlete Representation will provide an in-depth and interactive view into the business of Sports Agents. The 10-week course will focus on a range of topics integral to agents including negotiating contracts, relationship building with recruits, marketing for athletes, and use of the media. Students will engage in mock negotiations with actual front office personnel, interact with current athletes and create mock recruiting presentations. Students will gain valuable knowledge about the finances involved in running an agency, managing the expectations of clients and teams and the overall competitiveness of the industry.


Spring 2021: Collegiate Athlete Support and Development

 This course introduces students to student-athlete support services within the realm of college athletics and provides practical information to aspiring student-athlete support professionals. College athletes go through several transitions as they move from high school into college athletics, complete their journey through school and then enter their professional careers. The College Athlete Support and Development course will provide perspective and practical tools useful to professionals as they work with student-athletes within the holistic college athletics experience. The content of the course will include but is not limited to student-athlete advising theories and practice, student-athlete and professional development programming, practical knowledge and skill development for support professionals, and current challenges and trends within student-athlete support.

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