The MSA Student Leadership Council

The Master's in Sports Administration (MSA) Student Leadership Council exists to create networking opportunities and to enhance the student experience through professional and social development. With strong leaders, a growing alumni base, and a diverse student body, the board empowers students to become the next generation of sports industry innovators.

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2020–21 Student Leadership Council Members

Allyson Reed, President
  • Undergraduate: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Johns Hopkins
  • Current Job: President/CEO of CULTUR5
  • Favorite Sports Teams: Chicago Bears, Bulls, and Sox
Haley Zahn, Marketing Coordinator
  • Undergraduate: University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Current Job:  Marketing Planner at Northwestern University 
  • Favorite Sports Teams: Green Bay Packers, Wisconsin Badgers, Milwaukee Bucks and Brewers 
JV San Martin, Social Media Coordinator 
  • Undergraduate: Ohio State University 
  • Current Job: Sport Sponsorship Scout of Sponsor United
  • Favorite Sports Team: San Antonio Spurs
Kiana Sherlund, Mentorship Coordinator 
  • Undergraduate: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
  • Favorite Sports Teams: Washington Nationals, Chicago Cubs
Adrian Madero, Community Coordinator 
  • Undergraduate: Universidad de Monterrey 
  • Current Job: Entrepreneur
  • Favorite Sports Teams: Real Madrid and Dodgers
Matt Williams, Networking Coordinator 
  • Undergraduate: United States Military Academy
  • Current Job: Army Logistics Captain 
  • Favorite Sports Teams: Dallas Cowboys and Seattle Mariners 
Autumn Jackson, Active Member
  • Undergraduate: Wake Forest University 
  • Current Job: Alumni Coach (Gary Comer Youth Center) 
  • Favorite Sports Team: Chicago Bulls 
Collin Sexton, Active Member
  • Undergraduate: Kansas State University 
  • Current Job: Assistant Director of Athletics Development at  Northwestern University 
  • Favorite Sports Teams: STL Cardinals, STL Blues, Green Bay Packers

Alumni Advisors

Brice Clinton, Faculty Director and Alumni Advisor 
  • Undergraduate: Purdue University 
  • Current Job: Director, Solutions Engineering at CSG 
  • Favorite Sports Teams: Indianapolis Colts and Atlanta Braves
Jen Hall, Alumni Advisor 
  • Undergraduate: Indiana University
  • Current Job: Senior Service Executive at Chicago Bulls
  • Favorite Sports Teams: Chicago Bulls and Chicago Cubs
Jared Levin, Alumni Advisor 
  • Undergraduate: Indiana University
  • Current Job: Partner Solutions Coordinator at 4FRONT
  • Favorite Sports Teams: Chicago Bears, Chicago Bulls, and STL Cardinals
Matt Dlugie, Alumni Advisor 
  • Undergraduate: United States Military Academy 
  • Current Job: Army Logistics Captain 
  • Favorite Sports Teams: Dallas Cowboys and Seattle Mariners
Jane Obringer-Dunlap, Alumni Advisor 
  • Undergraduate: University of Notre Dame
  • Current Job: Senior Manager, Marketing Strategy at Notre Dame Global Partnerships
  • Favorite Sports Teams: All Chicago teams! 
Fabio De Simone, Alumni Advisor 
  • Undergraduate: DePaul University
  • Current Job: Data Manager, Sievo 
  • Favorite Sports Teams: White Sox, Bulls 
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